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COB Advantage-Why Use COB Led Strip Lights?

The COB soft light strip produced and designed by YIFORD company has the following characteristics:

No luminous spot, no shadow, light uniform soft High efficiency, remarkable energy saving effect;

The maximum luminous angle is 180°

Anti-static grade(MIL-STD-883E)

HBM 2 (2000~4000V)

This product is have no harmful substances

and complies with ROHS environmental standards

Chip longitudinal distribution,

high reliability;

Minimum bending radii is 0.5cm

Product have good color rendering consistency,

CRI better than 90 (80 optional);

SDCM is less than 5 steps (3 optional);

Protection grade:IP65(IP67 optional)

Products through FCC, ROHS, UL certification,

This product is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, home furnishing, cabinets, exhibition racks, etc., cooperate with aluminum profile can used for main lighting, indirect lighting, dark slot lighting, outline drawing, decorative lighting and other purposes.

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COB Advantage-why use COB led strip lights?