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Yiford Technology Co. Ltd.


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About Us--Yiford Technology Co.,Ltd.

Who We Are

Shenzhen Yiford Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of various high-end LED Decorative Lighting and commercial lighting products.

Yiford is a manufacture and supplier for COB LED Strips/Silicone LED Channel System/Aluminum LED Channel System and so on. also offer led lighting accesssary parts such as power supply/controller/connectors. Help architects, product designers, interior and exterior designers and decoration contractors to create better lighting solutions.

With automatic and semi-automatic LED production equipment, Lamp lighting production equipment. We strive to achieve the ultimate in every detail in the production, intensively cultivate and strive for perfection. We strictly inspect and have technical expertise.
The company has dozens of product patents and certifications.

Rich product range and excellent in performance. Products are widely used in design and manufacturing, construction industry, decorative lighting, city lighting engineering and other fields. 

product line

Yiford Product Line

Main Machine

Die Bonder Machine of COB LED Strip

Semi-Automatic Welder Machine, the capacity of per month more than 1million meter of cob led strip

Include Welder Line, Aging Line, Testing Line

Yiford Technology has the full set of led channel lights testing and manufacturing equipments , such as: 2-meter integrating sphere, PPFD tester, PAR portable tester etc.

We are committed to delivering the most cutting edge technology with the highest quality of light while meeting and exceeding energy efficiency standards, all to improve our customers’ bottom line.

Never stop on the road of led lighting

We see limitless possibility of LED strip lighting in Yiford where technology, functionality and personalization come together like never before. In today’s world, doing business is all about simpler, faster and smarter. For end users, it’s about switch-on and off. While for Yiford, it’s about changing the way people perceive the world. We know unique people have unique lighting needs. Thus, we are sparing no efforts to achieve customized solutions that no one else can.

about us

Yiford Valuing Partnerships

We are confident in bringing you an extraordinary experience empowered by our industry expertise. We welcome and appreciate collaborations all over the world.

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Yiford Quality Control

The perfect completion of every order is the result of the joint efforts of all departments of Yiford company. 

From order placement to material preparation, professional quality inspect personnel will test your products at every step. The factory has strict control procedures, please rest assured and Yiford Company cooperation.

yiford quality

LED Channel System


We offer wide range for the led channel system, over 1000 items for you choose

LED Light Strips

COB LED Strips Lights is nice and newest led strip, SMD LED Strips though has over 10 years history, but has a lot of types too meet market demand, and Yiford monthly design new strips for mark

Silicone LED Channel Tube

Silicone led tube are designed special for the led strips, not only make the led strips waterproof, but also protect the strip lights. and easy to make shape.

Aluminum LED Profile

Surface-mounted, Recessed, Pendant, Corner, Round, Stair, Flexible styles and so on. Please download catalogue from Yiford website

Accessary Parts

LED Power Supply/LED Controller/LED Amplifer/LED Dimmer/LED Connectors which are useful and import for the lighting projects.

Start Cooperate

Looking for cooperation

Yiford Looking For

We are looking for brand owners, wholesalers, agents, distributors, trading companies and engineering contractors around the world to achieve win-win cooperation.

Yiford website only shows some of our products, if there is no product you want on this website, If you have special needs for LED lights, please let us know and we can customize them for you quickly and comprehensively. All in all, we can provide you with everything you need to install LED strips!

If you want to know more about our company’s products, you can also follow my youtube channel!

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