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Yiford Products Lighting Guide

There are thousands of YIFORD products, each of which is special and has its most suitable application. What are the characteristics of each material? Which products should the first-time LED distributors choose? Which materials should the engineering contractor procure? this lighting guide will tell you in detail.

Lighting guide list

lighting guide
Led Strip Lights Connector​

waterproof led strip lights connector-2

led strip lights connector IP20 Mini Crystal Series Waterproof Series Specification For Waterproof Puncture Version LED Strip Connector Strip to Strip  Series Waterproof puncture series light strip connector is a

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silicone led channel

led Neon Light Strips

Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price. LED neon flex ropes are mainly

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led controller

LED Controller

LED controllers, also called LED light controller, are the necessary parts to achieve remote control the lighting effects for LED strip and LED lights, including adjust brightness level, select color,

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led power supply

power supply

witching power supplies convert AC 110V or 220V line voltage to a low DC constant voltage output; matching the input voltage specifications of LED drivers.

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led aluminum profiles

Cabinet Lighting

led aluminum channels, inside is the led strip light or led light bar.
Install the led cabinet lights directly under neath your cabinet ,silluminate the countertops below for safer, more

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Architectural Lighting

architectural lighting is the intersection of art (architecture) and technology (lighting). Buildings that are illuminated or illuminated can be commercial or residential. Other areas of endeavor, such as design, also

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suspend mount

Suspended Mounting

Suspended mount, generally can also be used for recessed mount, surface mount, Yiford is with variety of installation accessories can be choosed.
Whatever your domestic or commercial lighting project, our

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LED Aluminum profile YF-ALP006

Corner Mounting

This led strip light channel can accommodate LED strips/tape/ribbon that are 8-10.5 millimeters wide.Metal mounting clips provides easy and secure installation.Frosted Light diffuser slightly diffuses the light to create softer,smoother,desirable

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Perfect Surface-Mounting

surface installation

Aluminum LED channel is anodized extruded, great in heat dissipation, while the LED diffuser cover protects the LED strip from dust and physical contact, extend the life span of flexible

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led aluminum profiles

Recessed installation

Small size recessed mounting aluminum profiles led can be installed with a thermo conductive adhesive tape or glue,  and bigger models has own independent mounting brackets. each led aluminum channel

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aluminum profile

LED Aluminum Profile

LED Aluminum channels (or extrusions) and LED diffusers are one of the most popular accessories for LED strips, and you should definitely consider aluminum channels as an optional lighting accessory

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Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

256 brightness display and 24-bit color display. Each pixel can have its own color and brightness. You can control them individually and set them to any color or animation you

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half cover silicone sleeve

Half cover silicone sleeve

The half-cover silicone sleeve also called split-type silicone sleeve,  it is different from the full-sleeve type. Its bottom is hollowed out, and the hollowed-out space is where the light strip is installed

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