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The essence of the three-step get interior lighting design is no longer a lighting design novice!

The taste of darkness, I know, is at the bottom of a bleak and desolate road;

Suddenly saw a window, lit up with a warm light,

That is my window, my lamp, my warmth.

interior lighting design 1

What Is Home?

Is a warm harbor,
Is a little soft fluorescence,
Wait for the tired bird to come home.

interior lighting design 2

What's Feeling Your Home?

Thousands of lights in the city late at night,
If there is always a light left for you,
Or there is always a warm home,
At that moment,
Does it make you feel good to go home?

Talk about lighting.

A few years ago, I wonder if you have seen an interesting advertisement.
Philips did a lighting experiment on the streets of South Korea.
On the side of the crowded square, they temporarily set up a room and prepared two sets of lighting schemes.

interior lighting design 4

The space layout is exactly the same, but it gives a very different feeling.
Looking at the details, the experimenter used two plans to let passers-by walk into the two houses and express their feelings in the two spaces:

interior lighting design 5

The first set:

It looks ordinary, and it feels like being at home.

interior lighting design 7

The second set:

Coordinated, pleasant and cute, with a high-end, clean image

interior lighting design 8

confortable room

Very warm, comfortable feeling, this feeling is too good

interior lighting design 9

compare the room with different lighting

After a round of interviews, the answers summarized by passers-by about the occupants of the house are as follows: The first set: There is no professionally designed pale white monotonous lighting room, (being) living a 42-year-old, two-point one-line, ordinary company staff who has no story; The second set: After professional lighting design, carefully lighting, a room that looks quite high-end, (being) lived a 35-year-old, friendly and aesthetically good fashion designer. Obviously it is the furnishings in the same room, but in people's subjective impression, the value is 15 times worse on average. (The valuation of passers-by is also very willful and casual!)

Regardless of the subjective evaluation of passers-by and how much exaggeration there is for the effect of advertising, with the two screenshots in the video and life experience, we can also feel more or less:
Life requires quality;
Lighting is very important.

interior lighting design 33
interior lighting design 11

01. Indispensable lights

For interior design, lighting not only plays the role of “illuminating the space”, it is the soul of the space, equivalent to the catalyst of the entire space, so that the space presents a sense of visual hierarchy and can create different artistic atmospheres. Make the indoor environment extremely comfortable.

In short, lighting has the functions of lighting, decoration, creating atmosphere, focusing and guiding.

No matter how good the space is, it also needs light to activate, whether it is color, material or volume, it needs light to illuminate and present.
Good lighting design is not only lighting, it is simple and contagious, just like a meticulous artwork, fully mastering all lighting effects, can clearly express the nature of the building, increase space design features, and add value to the overall design.

What kind of lighting can be designed so freely?

cob rgb pixel

Lighting for room design

Of course it is the LED soft light strip. What does the LED soft light strip look like? Let’s take a look at this 15-second short video before it is installed on the wall. This is the latest type of soft light strip, with no light spots and no dark areas. It has high brightness and can be used directly as the main lighting, or it can be hidden in the wall. , Diffuse reflection after refraction, for decoration.

cob led strips 2 2

what's advtanges for new light strips

As you can see in the video, this light bar emits very uniformly, and it can form a linear light source without aluminum profiles and diffusers. Compared with the point light source of the SMD soft light bar, it is more beautiful. The video shows the length of 5 meters, the weight is very light, less than 100g, the standard packaging is a roll of 5 meters. You can also cut it to the length you want. After cutting, it can be connected again. Using the welding-free joint developed by YIFORD, the light strip can be connected again in one second, and no gaps can be seen after lighting, and it is firm and strong. If you want to know how to cut and connect the light bar, please refer to YIFORD's blog


What kind of light color is suitable?

Led Lighting For Room

YIFORD’s COB light strips come in a variety of colors. What color is suitable?

cob led strips 2 4

led lighting colors

If the color of the background wall lamp belt is darker on the top wall or a specific material is used for outstanding performance, use white light, which is brighter on the one hand, and has a better performance effect on the surface material on the other hand. If you want to emphasize the atmosphere, or don't want to be too bright, use warm light.Yiford provides you with a reference for the color temperature of the light. In general, we recommend using a warm white light of about 3500K for the light in the general home, so that the lighting environment is warm and protects the eyes, and it will not affect the color of other decorative surfaces. (About 4000K is neutral light, 6000K is positive white light). The restaurant can use 3000K lights, which can make food shiny and more appetizing;

Warm White Led Strip Lights
Tunable CCT White

If you like to choose different colors of lights at different times or scenes, you can also choose YIFORD’s dual-color temperature soft light bar with a remote control to freely control the color and brightness of the scene light. If you want the light to be soft and warm, you can choose a warm white. If you want the light to be brighter, you can choose a positive white. This two-color temperature adjustable COB soft light bar can be seen in the video

static color 3

LED Strip Light colors

If you like to make the room colorful, such as white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, etc., you can install YIFORD's RGB soft light strips behind the TV or on the ceiling.The left picture above is the RGB COB soft light strip, and the right picture is the effect after installation. You can use the remote control, you can also use the mobile phone APP to select the color you like, and you can also adjust the brightness and the speed of the color change.

02. The essence of lighting design

interior lighting design 19

Designers must consier lighting design issues

Almost all designers will consider lighting design issues in the middle and late stages of the project. So what is the essence of lighting design? What needs to be controlled?

Take home lighting design as an example.
It can be summarized as the following three points:

1. What to illuminate-research needs
2. How to illuminate-master the method
3. What to use to illuminate-use light selection

The three of them are also interlinked, one is indispensable.

1.What to illuminate

What you take is usually determined by the purpose of the space, such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room, which are different. Therefore, we need to understand the owner’s functional conception and expectations for each home space.
Step 1: home space analysis
►Functional requirements: what kind of activities people do in the space;
►Architectural characteristics: which things are worth highlighting;
►Visual tasks: what visual tasks people need to complete in the space;
► Object decoration: What do you want people to see most;
► Furniture location: where people will sit or stand;
►Mood and feeling: What kind of atmosphere do people desire and do they need to change;
►Design style: There is something that lighting should match.

Step 2: Set priority

What is most important in a space? It is necessary to give the space a visual focus that can catch people’s attention. In the dining room or living room, it may be a table, a painting, or a vase and a fireplace.

Of course, in a space, there may be multiple lighting targets that need to be prioritized at the same time, and these targets need to consider task lighting and accent lighting. For example, the wooden pier in the living room in the picture is the accent lighting, and the porch is the task lighting.

Step 3: Consider the space as a whole

Washing and brightening the walls with light strips and using indirect light sources to outline the lighting method of the ceiling can make the space look more open;

The soft light hidden around the furniture creates an intimate atmosphere;
Focusing on a small piece of carpet may make the space feel warmer and more comfortable, but when the light is projected directly onto very smooth surfaces, such as glass table tops and marble floors, it may cause uncomfortable glare.

2. How to illuminate

After analyzing the space and the desired effect, three basic lighting methods can be used for lighting design.

①Ambient lighting-basic lighting

Basic lighting means that people can easily and safely move in the space, show the characteristics of the space, make the space look bigger, and make the space more comfortable by balancing the brightness of the surface of the space.

interior lighting design 31
interior lighting design 32

The down-illuminated basic lighting that illuminates the objects and surfaces in the lower space can create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, while the indirect lighting that illuminates the ceiling and walls makes the space look more rational, quiet, and spacious.

The bedroom uses light strips to indirectly illuminate the ceiling and walls, making the space look quieter and more spacious.

interior lighting design 33
interior lighting design 34

The wall lamp belt is simple and fashionable, and has a three-dimensional and virtual sense. It can collide with rounded curves or interesting geometric shapes to bring full vitality to the space.

②Key lighting-illuminate special areas

light your art work.

lighting for art

If it is in a space, all lights are equally bright. What will happen at this time? There will be a situation where Liushen has no master. You don’t know where to look, or where you want to look. If you go to a place, it is obvious that a picture is particularly bright, or a flower is particularly bright, you will feel very comfortable all at once.

Therefore, key lighting shapes the soul of the space, creates a visual focus, attracts the eye, and directly draws the attention of the space.

For example, the lighting on the washbasin in the bathroom, because there are mirrors, this area is generally used for accent lighting, but there is often a problem, as shown in the figure:

interior lighting design 39

Lighting for Mirror makes

∆Lights from overhead and lights from the front The lighting effect from the front pavement is better than that from overhead, because the light from the front pavement makes the expression of the face very integral, and the light from the overhead will make the protruding parts of the face very bright and recessed. Very dark, the contrast between light and dark is too strong;

Therefore, the toilet in the picture adopts the form of no main lamp, and the washbasin uses the wall lamp as the accent lighting to weaken the contrast between light and dark, which can make the expression of the face when looking in the mirror is very overall, and has a certain beautification effect.

③Task lighting-illuminate the working surface

When a person is reading a book or writing a series of tasks, it is necessary to have sufficient diffused light hitting the work surface from the shoulder or side.
Therefore, according to the reading habits of the owner of the room, the designer used the chandelier as work lighting and installed it on the bedside. The angle of the chandelier was adjusted according to the reading posture of the owner;

interior lighting design 41
interior lighting design 42

Key element for how to light

When determining "how to light", a key element is to control the position of the lamps, which is particularly important when avoiding glare and light curtain reflections. as the picture shows:

interior lighting design 43

Buffing near the wall and washing wall a little further in front

At the same time, this is also the decisive factor that emphasizes or weakens the surface texture of the object. When the lamp is very close to the wall, the light is very likely to expose the flaws of the wall or the illuminated object. And in this case, glancing is easier to highlight flaws than washing walls, as shown in the figure below.

3. What kind of lighting

What kind of lighting is used is to choose the most suitable light source, lighting method and control method for each space of the project.

①The main considerations when choosing a light source:

Light distribution requirements

Color rendering

Color temperature

Maintenance costs

The light distribution is not only related to the light source, but also related to the luminaire, because the luminaire is not only the light source installation base, but also redistributes the light emitted by the light source to accurately illuminate the target area and shield the light source to avoid glare.

②How bright light is needed?

How bright light is needed to achieve good visual conditions depends on:
1. The age of the user;
2. The reflexivity of visual targets;
The elderly need higher brightness (65-year-olds need twice the brightness of 20-year-olds) and are more sensitive to glare. Therefore, for places where users are elderly, not only sufficient light is needed, but also To control the glare.


Recommended illuminance levels

The table  shows the recommended illuminance levels. Each application has a different range: low illuminance values for young people under 25 years old, intermediate illuminance values for people 25-65 years old, and high illuminance values for elderly people over 65.

lighting design

beauty lighting design

The lighting design may seem simple, but it is not easy.Want to use light to taste the beauty of life,Professional lighting design is essential.

What is cob led strips? LED soft light strip is also called LED tape light strip, or flexible led light strips, and COB is the abbreviation of CHIP ON BOARD, which means that flip chip is arranged on the soft light strip, and the COB soft light strip looks like a soft tie Belt, with strong flexibility, folding and bending, there are light-emitting chips with small output power all over the surface, the overall light is uniform, soft and not dazzling, and the brightness is high. It usually replaces traditional lighting fixtures, so it is called LED COB Soft light strips. According to the different requirements of customers, various colors of light can be transmitted, The color tone is mild and beautiful, and it can be used as a simple lighting fixture or decorative design. COB FOB led light strip overall display, dotles cob led strip lights for lighting solutions.

color lighting

The light has a very heavy index, that is, the color rendering index. The color rendering index (CRI) refers to the ability of the light source to restore the visual perception of the object under the sun.The higher the color rendering, the closer the color rendering index value is to 100, the stronger the ability to restore the color of the object, and the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish the color of the object. High color rendering (CRI≥90) luminous body as the light source, emits a soft and comfortable light like the morning sun, reducing visual fatigue, making the field of vision clearer, and the image more three-dimensional; bringing high color rendering and lightweight outdoor lighting to users Experience.

led lighting cover

about yiford

YIFORD specializes in providing soft light strips with a color rendering index higher than 90 for the market. The use of light strips with a CRI 90 or higher from YIFORD can restore the colors of the objects under the light to be pure, saturated and thorough, such as museums, studios and exhibition halls, for you. The exquisite details and brilliant colors of precious cultural relics and works of art are presented here. And there is no bright zone and dark zone. What is its specific form? This 50-second video can take you to understandThank you for reading this article. Those who can see here must be those who really love LED lighting. You may be an interior designer, product designer, electrical engineer, architect, LED wholesaler, lighting distributor, factory, trade...If you are looking for a high-quality LED lighting manufacturer, over 3 years after-service, As long-term partners who are familiar with the market and end users, please contact YIFORD. Yiford is happy to provide free samples for your testing. Want to know YIFORD company, watch yiford video,you will get know more.

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