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lighting video
standard led strips emitting are on the front, but after the refraction of the sidevew silicone sleeve, the front-emitting light can be changed to the side emitting light strips. This silicone sleeve is suitable for any monochrome, RGB, warm white, RGBW and other light strips.
pull the led light strip into the led channel system 3
LED strips application is widely, if add the diffuser, it would be not only anti-dirty, but also waterproof, this video will show you how to Pull The Led Light Strip Into The Led Channel System
Sideview Smart RGB Neon Flex LED Lights Strip 1
Sideview Smart RGB Neon Flex LED Lights Strip How to install the side view rgb neon flex led strip lights ? how controll the programme?Sideview Smart RGB …
What's COB LED Strips Lighting Features and Advantages?
COB LED Strips Lighting Features And Advantages What’s cob led strips lighting features and advantages? this video will show you a parts of them. after …
How to cut and connect led light strips together?--easy reconnect
cut and connect COB LED light strips is a straightforward process with YIFORD’s solderless connectors. By following these steps, anyone can achieve professional-looking installations without needing soldering skills or specialized tools.
How To Cut/ Connect and Power FOB COB LED Strip Lighting–
It is common to cut the led strips lights, after cut, how to reconnect and power the strip light again,so how to cut/connect and power is important.
led channel system
Make Led Strip Waterproof With Silicone Led Channel system step by step,How to install led strips into the silicone led channel tube?
360 degree flexible light strips pendant installation
YIFORD presents the 360 Degree Flexible Light Strips Pendant Installation, an innovative lighting solution tailored for circular, 360-degree illumination using D25 silicon tubes.
How to install led strip lights--installation guide of light strips
How To Install Led Strip Lights–Installation Guide Of light strips, step by step guide
360-degree round lighting pendant installation
yiford 360-degree round lighting pendant installation — an elegant and versatile lighting solution engineered specifically for d25 silicone tubes to radiate light in a full 360-degree circle.
Hanging installation accessories for 360-degree lights
Elevate your lighting design with the Hanging Installation Accessories for 360-Degree Lights from YIFORD. This innovative kit is designed to suspend D25 …
Round 360 degree RGBIC ceiling installation
YIFORD Round 360 Degree RGBIC Ceiling Installation – an innovative and versatile lighting solution specifically designed for 360-degree illumination using D22 silicone tubes.
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