How to pull The Led Light Strip Into The Led Channel System

LED strips application is widely, if add the diffuser, it would be not only anti-dirty, but also waterproof, this video will show you how to Pull The Led Light Strip Into The Led Channel System

You can use an air compressor and an air gun if you want to put the lamp belt through the silicone sleeve.

At present, most manufacturers have air compressors and air guns to level the casing pipe and the light strip (if it is not flat, it is easy to bend the light strip. At this time, if you pull hard, it will cause the sharp edge of the light strip to cut off the inner wall of the casing pipe so that the light strip cannot be pulled out). The operators at the front end need to fix the rope on the light strip in the traditional way.

At this time, because the front end needs to pull out a section of the rope for fixation, the end has no rope to pull. The front end operator can use the hardness of the pcb light strip to slightly insert a section of the rope into the inner tube of the silicone sleeve of the LED neon light to make up the length of the rope for fixing the light strip.

At this time, the rope is very soft and has no supporting force. it should be noted that the volume and weight of the rope are very small. You need to use the nozzle of the air gun to aim at the inner tube of the silicone sleeve of the LED neon light (you can extend a little into the nozzle). Press the switch, and the high-pressure gas will rush to the end along the inner tube of the silicone sleeve.

Pull The Led Light Strip Into The Led Channel System
led channel system

Silicone LED Channel System SV0612


Silicone LED Channel System 0612

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Silicone LED Channel System

Sideview silicone led channel system is different with the topview led channel system, it changed the lighting emitting from top to side. can easily design the shape of the light, and make better use of the light in any way.

Silicone casing for LED neon light strips: widely used in the LED flexible light strip industry, extruded by a unique process, soft light, no light spots, waterproof and protective, non-toxic, tasteless; long-term use does not change yellow, Not brittle, not cracked; and has the characteristics of ozone resistance

Why Silicone led channel system?

High Substitutability

Various lighting effects can be can achieved including white light and RGB, it can replace the traditional glass neon tube, guardrail tube, rainbow tube making it perfect for signage lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting and many more applications.

High Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of silicone is 0.27 Watts per Metre/Kelvin versus the 0.14 Watts Per Metre Kelvin of PVC, meaning a better management of heat dissipation and increased lifespan.

Resistant to UV

Silicone Neon can be used outdoor environment for long-term exposure to direct sunlight, no yellowing and aging over 5 years.

Flame Retardant

it is environmental and non-toxic with a high ignition point, non-flammable in needle-flame tests.

Resistant to Corrosive Gasses

Resistance to corrosive gases, include chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide and so on, the silicone neon strip with long life span can be used for an industrial environment.

Dust Proof

The seamless silicone exterior means no dust can get in, increasing the applications this can be used for and the lifespan.

Outstanding Weather Resistance

In an environment between -50ºC and +150ºC , it can maintain it’s original state, without becoming brittle, deformed, softening or aging. When applied in an environment between the temperature of -20ºC and +45ºC , it can function to it’s full capabilities resisting both extreme cold and high heat levels.

Resistance to Corrosion

The silicone properties of this neon allow it to resist corrosion of normal salt, alkalis and acids. This means it can be used for environments such as beach locations, yachts, chemical plants, mines and laboratories.

Performance Features:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Salt water resistant
Solvent resistant
UV Resistant
Flame Resistant

Silicone LED Channel system application:

Silicone neon strip tube, as a protective material for led strips, is made of integrated integrated silicone, extrusion molding technology, with ingress protection up to IP67 and good resistance to salt water, chemicals, UV radiation and fire, can be Widely used in indoor and outdoor fashion design, such as roof corners, corridors & edges and other decorative lighting places.


1. Cut a slot according to the size of the Light Cover.

2. Tear off the protector on the double-sided tape at the back of the LED Strips and stick it into the slot.

3. Press the Light Strip Cover into the slot.

4. Installation finish.

Yiford has video to share you how to insert the led strips into the silicone sleeve



Part NumberSection Size
Lighting DirectionPCB Width
PictureSize DrawingRefer Apply
YF-TVD13round dia 13round5
YF-TVD20round dia 20round10
YF-TVD22Hround dia 20roundDouble side 8Silicone LED Channel System TVD22H
YF-TVD40round dia 40roundDouble side 10
YF-SV06126*12Sideview8silicone led tube
YF-SV0612H6*12Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0612H
YF-SV0616H26*12Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H2
YF-SV0616H36*16Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3
YF-SV1023H10*23Sideview10Silicone LED Channel System SV1023H
YF-SV1220H10*20Sideview10Silicone LED Channel System SV1220H
YF-SVD22round dia 22SideviewDouble side 5
YF-SVD22Bround dia 22SideviewDouble side 8
YF-TV1010U10*10Topview5Silicone LED Channel System TV1010U
YF-TV1212H12*12Topview8Silicone LED Channel System TV1212H
YF-TV1305H13*5Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1305H
YF-TV152515*25Topview10LED Neon sign ideas
YF-TV1616H16*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616H
YF-TV1616H316*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616H3
YF-TV1616U16*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616U
YF-TV2010U20*10Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2010U
YF-TV2018U20*18Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV2018U
YF-TV2020H20*20Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020H
YF-TV2020U20*20Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020U
YF-TV2020U320*20Topview12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020U3
YF-TV3020U30*20Topview15Silicone LED Channel System TV3020U
YF-TV3020U230*20Topview15Silicone LED Channel System TV3020U2
YF-TV4015U40*15Topview15/20Silicone LED Channel System TV4015U
YF-TV402540*25TopviewTopview 20/sideview 8
YF-TV5015U50*15Topview15/20Silicone LED Channel System TV4015U
YF-TVV22V corner 22*22V corner5TVV22

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