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Beer Heineken’s internet celebrity land

Creating an eye-catching atmosphere is key to the success of modern brand events. Heineken has chosen Yiford’s advanced lighting products for their brand event site, bringing extraordinary visual effects and a unique experience to the event. Yiford’s innovative lighting solutions not only enhance the overall ambiance of the event but also highlight the high-end quality and unique charm of the Heineken brand.

Beer Heineken brand event site use Yiford products
Round silicone tube with SMD RGBWIC addressable led strips

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Product Features:

  1. High-Quality LED Lighting: Yiford’s LED lighting products deliver superior brightness and color performance, bringing vivid and distinct lighting effects to the event site, illuminating every corner with unique brilliance.

  2. Flexible and Versatile Lighting Design: Yiford’s lighting products offer high flexibility and can be customized according to the different needs of the event site, easily achieving various complex lighting layouts and designs, adding unlimited creativity to the site.

  3. Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly: Yiford’s LED fixtures use advanced energy-saving technology, providing high-brightness lighting while significantly reducing energy consumption, meeting modern environmental standards and supporting Heineken’s sustainability goals.

  4. Durability and Reliability: Known for their excellent durability and reliability, Yiford products can maintain stable performance and brightness during prolonged use, ensuring consistent lighting effects throughout the event.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Brand Display Area: In the Heineken brand display area, Yiford’s LED light strips and point light sources create a modern and technological visual effect, perfectly showcasing Heineken’s fashion and innovation.

  2. Stage and Performance Area: Yiford’s high-brightness LED channel system and stage lighting systems provide rich lighting effects and changing schemes for on-site performances, enhancing the visual impact and appeal of the performances.

  3. Interactive Experience Area: With Yiford’s smart lighting control system, Heineken’s interactive experience area achieves lighting interaction with the audience, enhancing participants’ immersion and interactivity.

  4. Outdoor Activity Area: Yiford’s waterproof LED fixtures play a crucial role in the outdoor activity area, providing reliable lighting support while enhancing the safety and comfort of the site.

Success Stories:

Heineken Music Festival: During the Heineken Music Festival, Yiford’s RGB LED lights transformed the main stage into a captivating visual spectacle. The dynamic lighting synchronized with the music, creating an immersive experience that left a lasting impression on attendees.

Heineken Promotional Tours: On Heineken’s promotional tours, Yiford’s portable and energy-efficient lighting solutions were used to set up pop-up bars and promotional booths. The vibrant lighting attracted crowds and enhanced the brand’s visibility and engagement.

VIP Lounges: In exclusive Heineken VIP lounges, Yiford’s elegant lighting solutions created a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere. The adjustable lighting settings allowed for different moods and themes, enhancing the overall guest experience.

At the Heineken brand event site, Yiford’s lighting products, with their excellent performance and outstanding lighting effects, bring a new experience and unlimited possibilities to the event. By adopting Yiford’s innovative lighting solutions, Heineken not only successfully enhances its brand image but also creates an unforgettable visual feast and interactive experience for the participants.

Event Organizer, Heineken: “Yiford’s lighting solutions have elevated our brand events to new heights. Their flexibility, brightness, and reliability make them our go-to choice for creating memorable experiences.”

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Beer Heineken’s internet celebrity land