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LED Strip Lights Overview List

led strip lights is popular on our life, it has many features, soft and high bright, flexible, slim, widely application.
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Yiford Lighting Materials --Best led channel system
Yiford lighting is a manufacture and supplier for COB LED Strips/Silicone LED Channel System/Aluminum LED Channel System and so on.
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5 Steps to make your own LED Sign --Colorful background is so easy
COB Led Light Strip Overall Display LED soft light strip is also called LED tape light strip, or flexible led light strips, and COB is the abbreviation of …
Compare and test COB strips with different quantity leds
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COB LED Strips--Best LED Light strips 2022
COB LED Strips–Best LED Light Strips 2022 Best LED Strips You never seen before–COB light strip, Dotless COB LED Strips Light For Lighting SolutionsWhat …
RGBW COB LED Strips APP mobile control color change
RGBW COB LED Strips APP Mobile Control Color Change RGBW cob led strip lights

RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights

RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights

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Product presentation

This product is no luminous spot flexible RGBW LED light strip, the light all through the chip surface coverage arc fluorescent colloid and substrate surface coating of high reflection refraction ink out, achieve intensive continuous luminous effect. Largest lighting angle up to 180 °, the thickness of only 1.5mm,minimum bending radii 2cm. It is take 3M adhesive on the back.

Product features

【First RGB Pixel COB Led Strip Light 】—”Chip On Board” technology is a step forward more efficient energy use. No more SMD, No more dark spot, No more hard time choosing SMD like 2385, 5050, 5630 or others and COB LED rope light will have 210Leds/m on the same PCB (Printed Circuit Board). 【CE Certificated and ETL-Listed High Quality Strip Light】— Our all kinds of strip light have passed the CE Cerficiated and ETL-Listed certified, which ensure safety and reliability for your all lighting projects. The advantage of COB is Uniform illumination soft and comfortable light, No glare,No eye damage,No UV and IR in the beam, better lumen-per-watt, ratios and heat efficiency. 【Perfect Light Performance】— This New Technology Flexible COB LED lights use up to several hundredsHigh Quality and energy efficient LEDs generate perfect light performance, it have different color working together with RF controller. Wonderful color show, it widely use for TV backlight, bar light, kitchen light, bedroom light, party light, etc. 【Cuttable and Easy Install】— With high-quality 3M adhesive with heat resistance, strong viscosity and integration, tape on the back, please keep surface is dry, clean and smooth when installing. You can cut it(please along Markedline to cut) to DIY special residential decoration and design unique commercial sign (Indoor Use Only).


It can be used TV, party, kitchen, room, KTV and medical machine etc.
RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights
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RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights
Addressable RGB COB Waterproof led strips IC WS2811 RGB Addressable RGB COB Led Strip 1、Addressable RGB Pixel Control COB LED Strip with smart ,app control …
RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights
RGBWIC digital addressable LED Strip TM1814, RGBW with dream color, 180 programme change.
RGBW 4-1 COB LED Strip Lights
sideview cob led strip lights, rgbic addressable. If you are looking for a flexible light strip that can emit light from the side, then this product from …
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