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Topview and Sideview lighting defined and what’s the difference? 1

LED silicone tubes offer both topview and sideview lighting options, but what sets them apart? Let’s delve into the definitions and distinctions between these two lighting styles:

Topview Lighting:

  • Definition: Topview lighting refers to LED light strips that emit light from the front-facing surface of the PCB board.
  • Explanation: The illumination direction is perpendicular to the LED light strip, creating a direct and focused lighting effect.
  • Application: Ideal for applications where a straightforward and concentrated lighting output is desired, such as accent lighting or highlighting specific areas.

Sideview Lighting:

  • Definition: Sideview lighting involves LED light strips emitting light from the side of the strip rather than the front-facing surface.
  • Explanation: By altering the structure of the LED light strip within the silicone tube, the light emission direction is changed to create a unique side-glowing effect.
  • Usage: Sideview lighting is suitable for creating ambient lighting, decorative accents, or dynamic visual displays that benefit from a diffused and indirect lighting source.

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Topview and Sideview lighting defined and what’s the difference

Practical Application:

  • LED silicone tubes are designed to bend along the direction of the LED light strip’s PCB board, allowing for flexibility in shaping and installation.
  • YIFORD offers a diverse range of silicone tubes in various sizes and styles, including topview and sideview lighting options, V-shaped, semi-circular, circular, semi-cover, available in white, black, and more.
  • With sizes ranging from 4mm to 100mm, customers can seamlessly pair these silicone tubes with LED light strips to craft a wide array of neon lighting designs in different colors and styles.

Customization and Assembly Options:

  • YIFORD provides comprehensive materials for customers to assemble their own neon light setups or offers customization services for pre-assembled products tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Whether you seek DIY projects or ready-made solutions, YIFORD ensures a seamless and personalized experience for all customers, delivering high-quality materials for creative lighting endeavors.

Elevate Your Lighting Design with Topview and Sideview Options:

By understanding the distinctions between topview and sideview lighting, you can leverage the unique characteristics of each to enhance your lighting design projects. Explore the diverse range of silicone tubes offered by YIFORD and unleash your creativity in crafting captivating neon lighting displays tailored to your preferences. Contact YIFORD today to discover the full range of options and begin transforming your space with innovative lighting solutions.

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Topview and Sideview lighting defined and what’s the difference? 1