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Sideview Smart RGB Neon Flex LED Lights Strip

How to install the side view rgb neon flex led strip lights ? how controll the programme?

Sideview Smart RGB Neon Flex LED Lights Strip,  addressable rgb neon flex led strips with silicone housing. 

Every time or our any program we can think without lighting. lighting always bright our program more and more. If is it LED lighting then this program will be more exciting and colorful. our kids always like lighting. we can use our lighting wedding, birthday party, marriage ceremony, any kind of party.
Neon FLex Strip Lights | smart rgb neon rope lights | neon flex led strips

Neon LED strip lights are the most efficient form of LED lighting that you can use in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This strip is a flexible LED tube, enclosed in silicone and consists of a cluster of LEDs installed on a PCB strip. The flexibility of this neon LED strip makes it more user-friendly and multi-purpose.

Here are some ways you can utilize this flexible neon flex light for:

1. An accent, or drawl lighting in your living area
2. Task lighting in your office
3. Creating your retail display signages
4. Ambient lighting inside your RV or around your RV’s awning

On Yiford,you can get all Information about Neon Flex LED lights.

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Waterproof Cob Led Strips

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