2 LED Channel System you will know before choosing

LED Channel System

LED linear light is a new type of indoor decorative lighting fixture. Many people do not know about linear light very well. Here, we will start with the description of linear types and kits to unveil the mystery of linear light. It has the following characteristics

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Common types and kits of led Channel System

Type of LED Channel system

Embedded mount

Embedded linear light is commonly used for lighting cabinet lamps and ceiling mounted for ceiling lighting.  Except for the profile shell, the mask is equipped with a PC cover. 

There are three types of cover specifications: 

1.  transparent cover 

2. Milk cover 

3. light diffusing agent (frosted cover) 

The general light transmittance is 80%, and the maximum can be 83%. Other specifications can be made according to requirements.

Hanging mount

Hanging linear lights are often used in open places, such as office areas and shopping malls, which are usually hoisted by two steel wire ropes. Commonly used for sizes above 35mm, masks are made of PC opal material.

Surface mounted

Common in small and medium-sized linear lights, as the name implies, they are generally installed on the surface of walls, ceilings and cabinets. 

The advantage is that it is easy to install, and the damage to the mounting surface is controlled in the minimum range. 

Since people can directly see the light emitting surface in many cases, the light transmitting mask is usually opalescent, and the material is divided into PC and PMMA

LED Channel system accessories:

Accessories are divided into installation accessories and assembly accessories: 

installation accessories are designed according to the installation method, including card holder, spring clip, lifting rope, installation piece, etc. 

Assembly accessories, including plugs, connectors, etc., are also an indispensable part of the linear lamp kit. Only with these accessories can a complete lamp housing be formed. 

If the corresponding lamp strip and power drive are equipped, this is a finished linear lamp.

LED channel lights, also known as LED linear lights, usually appear in the form of a line. 

There are two types of them, one is a rigid channel light, the main material is aluminum, so it is often called LED aluminum profile, the other One is a soft channel light, the main material is silicone, so it is often called a silicone groove. both of them designed for the led light strips.

Features for Silicone LED Channel System

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Silicone LED Channel System

Aluminum LED Channel System

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2 LED Channel System you will know before choosing