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Buy Sample case for silicone led channel system

Silicone LED led channel System Sample case- Perfectly Showcase Your Lighting Solution

The list of samples included in the sample demo box is as follows, total 128 types.

  1.  62 types silicone led channel system,
  2.  39 types end cap,
  3.  18 types install clips,
  4.  9 types flexible aluminum profile.

The content of the exhibition box may vary with the Yiford factory’s product line and users market, and there may be discrepancies between the actual and this list.

Real weight 4KG, package volume weight 7KG.

Size: 47*37*10CM

1Silicone TubeYF-SV0308Sideview, 3*8mm, for 5mm
2Silicone TubeYF-SV0410sideview, 4*10mm, for 5mm
3Silicone TubeYF-SV0410sideview, 4*10mm, for 6mm
4Silicone TubeYF-SV0612sideview, 6*12mm, for 8mm
5Silicone TubeYF-SV0613sideview, 6*13mm, for 8mm
6Silicone TubeYF-SV1212sideview, 12*12mm, for 5mm
7Silicone TubeYF-SV1018sideview, 10*18mm, for 10mm
8Silicone TubeYF-SV1220sideview, 12*20mm, for 10mm,180 degree
9Silicone TubeYF-SV1220sideview, 12*20mm, for 10mm,120 degree
10Silicone TubeYF-SV1220sideview, 12*20mm, for 12mm,120 degree
11Silicone TubeYF-SV0815sideview, 8*15mm, for 5mm
12Silicone TubeYF-SV0817sideview, 8*17mm, for 8mm
13Silicone TubeYF-SV1023sideview, 10*23mm, for 10mm
14Silicone TubeYF-SV1225sideview, 10*25mm, for 10mm
15Silicone TubeYF-SV1525sideview, 15*25mm, for 10mm
16Silicone TubeYF-SV1616sideview, 16*16mm, for 10mm
17Silicone TubeYF-SV2020sideview, 20*20mm, for 10mm
18Silicone TubeYF-SV3032sideview, 30*32mm, for 15mm
19Silicone TubeYF-TV2016Ktopview, 20*16mm, back open, for 10mm, 180 degree
20Silicone TubeYF-TV2018Ktopview, 20*18mm, back open, for 10mm, 120 degree
21Silicone TubeYF-TV7030topview, 70*30mm, for 30mm
22Silicone TubeYF-TV0606topview, 6*6mm, for 3mm
23Silicone TubeYF-TV0515topview,5*15mm, for 12mm, foggy surface
24Silicone TubeYF-TV0515topview,5*15mm, for 12mm, transparent surface
25Silicone TubeYF-TV0513topview,5*13mm, for 10mm, foggy surface
26Silicone TubeYF-TV0513topview,5*13mm, for 10mm, transparent surface
27Silicone TubeYF-TV0511topview,5*13mm, for 8mm, foggy surface
28Silicone TubeYF-TV0511topview,5*11mm, for 8mm, transparent surface
29Silicone TubeYF-TV1212topview,12*12mm, for 8mm, 180 degree
30Silicone TubeYF-TV1212topview,12*12mm, for 8mm, 120 degree
31Silicone TubeYF-TV1414topview,14*14mm, for 10mm, 180 degree
32Silicone TubeYF-TV1414topview,14*14mm, for 10mm, 120 degree
33Silicone TubeYF-TV1010topview,10*10mm, for 6mm, 180 degree
34Silicone TubeYF-TV1010topview,10*10mm, for 6mm, 120 degree
35Silicone TubeYF-TV2020topview,20*20mm, for 12mm, 180 degree
36Silicone TubeYF-TV2020topview,20*20mm, for 12mm, 120 degree
37Silicone TubeYF-TV1616topview,16*16mm, for 10mm, 180 degree
38Silicone TubeYF-TV1616topview,16*16mm, for 10mm, 120 degree
39Silicone TubeYF-TV2014topview,20*14mm, for 12mm, 180 degree
40Silicone TubeYF-TV2014topview,20*14mm, for 12mm, 120 degree
41Silicone TubeYF-TV2517topview, 25*17mm, for 12mm
42Silicone TubeYF-TV2720topview, 27*20mm, for 15mm
43Silicone TubeYF-TV3020topview, 30*20mm, for 15mm
44Silicone TubeYF-TV4025topview, 40*25mm, for 20mm
45Silicone TubeYF-TV5025topview, 50*25mm, for 20mm
46Silicone TubeYF-V22topview,V shape, for 5mm, 180 degree
47Silicone TubeYF-TV1315topview, 13*15mm, for 10mm, 180 degree
48Silicone TubeYF-TV1313topview, 13*13mm, for 8mm, 180 degree
49Silicone TubeYF-D13round, Dia 13mm, for 5mm, 360 degree
50Silicone TubeYF-D22round, Dia 22mm, for 8mm, 360 degree
51Silicone TubeYF-D22round, Dia 22mm, for 5mm, 360 degree
52Silicone TubeYF-D20round, Dia 20mm, for 10mm, 360 degree
53Silicone TubeYF-D40round, Dia 40mm, for 10mm, 360 degree
54Silicone TubeYF-TV0513Btopview, 5*13mm,for 10mm, 4 side black
55Silicone TubeYF-SV0616sideview, 6*16mm, for 8mm
56Silicone TubeYF-SV0616sideview, 6*16mm, for 8mm, 3 side black
57Silicone TubeYF-SV0616sideview, 6*16mm, for 8mm, 4 side black
58Silicone TubeYF-TV1616topview, 16*16mm, for 12mm, 4 side black
59Silicone TubeYF-TV2020topview, 20*20mm, for 12mm, 4 side black
60Silicone TubeYF-D20round, Dia 20mm, for 10mm, 360 degree, full black
61Silicone TubeYF-TV2014Ftopview, 20*14mm, for 12mm, with fringe
62Silicone TubeYF-H2020half cover, topview, 20*20, for 12mm, with fringe
63End capYF-AC-SV0410end cap for SV0410
64End capYF-AC-SV0612end cap for SV0612
65End capYF-AC-SV0613end cap for SV0613
66End capYF-AC-SV1212end cap for SV1212
67End capYF-AC-SV1018end cap for SV1018
68End capYF-AC-SV1220end cap for SV1220
69End capYF--AC-SV0815end cap for SV0815
70End capYF-AC-SV0817end cap for SV0817
71End capYF-AC-SV1023end cap for SV1023
72End capYF-AC-SV1225end cap for SV1225
73End capYF-AC-SV1525end cap for SV1525
74End capYF-AC-SV1616end cap for SV1616
75End capYF-AC-SV2020end cap for SV2020
76End capYF-AC-TV0515end cap for TV0515
77End capYF-AC-TV0513end cap for TV0513
78End capYF-AC-TV0511end cap for TV0511
79End capYF-AC-TV1212end cap for TV1212
80End capYF-AC-TV1414end cap for TV1414
81End capYF-AC-TV1010end cap for TV1010
82End capYF-AC-TV2020end cap for TV2020
83End capYF-AC-TV1616end cap for TV1616
84End capYF-AC-TV2014end cap for TV2014
85End capYF-AC-TV2517end cap for TV2517
86End capYF-AC-TV2720end cap for TV2720
87End capYF-AC-TV3020end cap for TV3020
88End capYF-AC-TV4025end cap for TV4025
89End capYF-AC-TV5025end cap for TV5025
90End capYF-AC-D13end cap for D13 round
91End capYF-AC-TV1313end cap for TV1313
92End capYF-AC-TV1315end cap for TV1315
93End capYF-AC-V22end cap for V22 corner
94End capYF-AC-D22end cap for D22 round
95End capYF-AC-D20end cap for D20 round
96End capYF-AC-TV0513Bend cap for TV0513B
97End capYF-AC-SV0616end cap for SV0616
98End capYF-AC-SV0616Bend cap for SV0616B
99End capYF-AC-TV1616Bend cap for TV1616B
100End capYF-AC-TV2020Bend cap for TV2020B
101End capYF-AC-D20Bend cap for D20 black round
102Install clipYF-AC-TV0511install clip for 0511
103Install clipYF-AC-TV0513install clip for 0513
104Install clipYF-AC-D13install clip for D13/1313/1315
105Install clipYF-AC-D22install clip for D22
106Install clipYF-AC-SV0410install clip for 0410
107Install clipYF-AC-SV0612install clip for 0612/0613
108Install clipYF-AC-SV0815install clip for 0815/0817
109Install clipYF-AC-TV1010install clip for 1010
110Install clipYF-AC-TV1212install clip for 1212
111Install clipYF-AC-V22install clip for V22
112Install clipYF-AC-SV1023install clip for 1023/1018
113Install clipYF-AC-SV1225install clip for 1225/1220
114Install clipYF-AC-TV1616install clip for 1616
115Install clipYF-AC-TV2014install clip for 2014/2016
116Install clipYF-AC-TV2020install clip for 2020
117Install clipYF-AC-TV3020install clip for 3020
118Install clipYF-AC-TV4025install clip for 4025
119Install clipYF-AC-TV5025install clip for 5025
120Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV1220flexible aluminum profile for 1220
121Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV1616flexible aluminum profile for 1616
122Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV1023flexible aluminum profile for 1023/1018
123Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV2014flexible aluminum profile for 2014/2016/2020
124Flexible ProfileYF-AC-TV1010flexible aluminum profile for 1010
125Flexible ProfileYF-AC-TV1212flexible aluminum profile for 1212
126Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV0815flexible aluminum profile for 0815/0817
127Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV0612flexible aluminum profile for 0612/0613
128Flexible ProfileYF-AC-SV0410flexible aluminum profile for 0410

Yiford Silicone LED channel System Sample Box is the perfect tool designed to showcase and demonstrate the Silicone LED Trough System. This sample box can help you clearly and intuitively demonstrate the installation methods, effects and application scenarios of the Silicone LED Trough System, providing a professional and eye-catching display for your lighting solution.

This sample box includes a variety of silicone LED silicone channel system samples in different shapes and sizes, such as topview, sideview, round, half cover sleeve, black silicone tube and so on. covering a variety of common installation methods and application scenarios. From straight lines to curved designs, from indoor lighting to outdoor landscapes, these samples cover a wealth of possibilities to meet the needs of various customers.

Not only that, the sample box also includes silicone tube mounting brackets and accessories. By displaying these samples, you can let customers clearly understand the appearance, light effect and installation methods of the Silicone LED Trough System, helping them better understand the product features and make wise choices. Whether in a lighting store, design studio or exhibition site, this sample box can bring you more business opportunities and cooperation opportunities.

In short, Yiford silicone LED light channel system sample box is a comprehensive and professional display tool designed to help you display and promote silicone LED light trough systems. Nearly 100 types of silicone tube materials can match any light strip, making it convenient for you to match the most suitable LED light strip and silicone tube materials to attract more attention from customers and partners. Whether you are promoting new products or negotiating projects with customers, this sample box will be your right-hand man.


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