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360 Degree Round Lights D22


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360 Degree Round Lights D22


360 Degree Round Lights D22, a cutting-edge lighting solution that redefines the concept of ambient illumination. These innovative lights feature a cylindrical design that emits a captivating 360-degree glow, creating a mesmerizing and immersive lighting experience. Combining sleek aesthetics with advanced LED technology, the D22 lights are versatile, energy-efficient, and perfect for a wide range of applications.


Key Features:

360-Degree Illumination: The unique cylindrical shape of the D22 lights ensures uniform light distribution in all directions, providing an unparalleled ambient lighting experience without any dark spots or shadows.

Vibrant Color Options: Available in a spectrum of vivid colors, including warm white, cool white, and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) variants, allowing users to choose the perfect hue to complement their desired ambiance or theme.

Dimmable and Color-Changing: Equipped with dimming and color-changing capabilities, the D22 lights offer dynamic lighting effects, enabling users to adjust brightness levels and cycle through various color modes to create the perfect mood or atmosphere.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Utilizing advanced LED technology, these lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting sources, resulting in lower operating costs and an eco-friendly solution.

Flexible and Customizable: With a modular design and cuttable segments, the D22 lights can be easily customized to fit any desired length or shape, ensuring seamless integration into various architectural and design elements.

Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, including a flexible silicone sleeve , the D22 lights are built to withstand harsh environments and ensure long-lasting performance.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including architectural accents, decorative lighting, retail displays, signage, and even artistic installations, providing endless creative possibilities.


Architectural Lighting: Enhance the visual appeal of buildings, facades, and interior spaces with captivating 360-degree illumination, creating a unique and immersive lighting experience.

Retail and Commercial Displays: Draw attention to products and merchandise with vibrant and dynamic lighting effects, elevating the shopping experience and increasing brand visibility.

Hospitality and Entertainment Venues: Set the mood and ambiance in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and event spaces, creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere for guests.

Artistic Installations and Exhibitions: Unleash creativity with the versatility of the D22 lights, enabling artists and designers to craft stunning lighting installations and exhibits.


Customer Review

Erik Trevino
Erik Trevino
Engineer Manager
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In the past, a lot of materials were wasted when installing the light strip, because welding after shearing is a very troublesome thing. Since the connector of YIFORD is used, materials are no longer wasted, and installation time and labor costs are saved. Thank YIFORD for its good products, which are very useful.
Peter Dickerson
Peter Dickerson
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I cannot fully express how awesome these lights are! we bought the 24v cob led strips with led channel system, it works as  expected, quite bright, Good color rendering, suface is with nice coating, that it diffuses the light a bit.Our engineers love it so much! Good value! They are really bright worked out, Great for my project Is what you pay what you get here Excellent product.
Bill Hiskett
Bill Hiskett
Purchase Manager
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We are a Romania professional led lighting distributor, the company has 12 years of operating history. Our many clients are using led strip light in the kitchen cabinet, cars, living room, stairs, office, etc. And many of them need led light accessories. It is very happy to find Yiford, they give us developed very professional service and quality products. If you need led light strips wholesale from China,Yiford is one of the best led light manufacturers in China.
Jason Moeller
Jason Moeller
Building Designer
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We make many projects for shopping malls, business showrooms in Europe. Sometimes the project needs many customization products. such as cob led strip lights and led aluminum profile. need different sizes, different wattage, different led accessories. Yiford is a professional led manufacturer. They pay patience to my orders.No matter for heatsink aluminum, led aluminum extrusion products, diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting accessories for led linear light. They can do it well.
Dylan Bowles
Dylan Bowles
Manufacture Designer
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We are making led room light in the UK. Through 5 years of cooperation, we know Yiford is a reliable led room light manufacturer in China. They can offer the same bin same color led strip lights in all your orders. Yiford has super nice led strips, it is called COB led strip lights, different with the SMD led strips, it is more bright, with consistent lighting, better lighting effective, with Yiford solderless connectors, so easy to install into our products, Good quality control let us in front of customers won more honor. Thank you!
Michael Feron
Michael Feron
Lighting Distributor
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I buy flexible cob led strip light and led channel systems from Yiford so many times. We have many cool led strip light ideas from Yiford. It is well done according to my request. Sometimes, one project needs many led light accessories, such as led connector, led controller, led power supply, silicone led channel system, led aluminum profile. Special design, OEM label, all work great. We consider Yiford as a good led light supplier.
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360 Degree Round Lights D22