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Buy Parts for D22 Round Neon Light Strips


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Buy Parts for D22 Round Neon Light Strips

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D22 optional parts

D22 silicone tube 1 for 6mm led strip, D22 silicone tube 2 for 10mm led strip, D22 silicone tube 3 for 8mm led strip, D22 silicone tube 4 for 8mm led strip, 8mm Warm White LED Strips, 8mm Natural White LED Strips, 8mm Cool White LED Strips, 8mm RGB LED Strips, 10mm Tunable White CCT LED Strips, 10mm RGBIC LED Strips, D22 Silicone End Cap, D22 Metal End Cap, D22 install clips, D22 vertical base, D22 horizontal base, D22 suspended lift, D22 suspended with rope side, D22 suspended with rope straight, D22 connector 2 way, D22 connector 3 way, D22 connector 4 way


10 meters per box, 10 pairs per box, 10 pcs per box, 50 meters per box

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Buy Parts for D22 Round Neon Light Strips