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Addressable RGBIC COB LED strip lights

addressable rgbic cob led strip lights–magic dream color, dynamic life, wonderful continuous!
Nowadays, the lamp bands are all necessary products in indoor and outfit, and smart light strip, compared to the traditional light strip, show a wider color gamut, support intelligent linkage, and become more and more popular with everyone. Today, I share a light strip, the magic chasing atmosphere light strip, the intelligent scene is rich, supports colorful e -sports light effects, full of atmosphere, and DIY is very playable.

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addressable rgbic cob led strip lights--magic dream color

The exquisite board of 5mm is hidden in the charm and inspiration in the small space, creating a different atmosphere and mood for different scenes at home.

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Built -in IC chip, single -point single control

This fantasy lamp bar is equipped with a built -in IC chip. Each pixel has a IC chip. Each pixel point in the entire system can be changed in color, brightness, etc. , Scanning and other rich running effects, and for LED Phantom Lantern Screens, you can also display more complicated effects such as text, pictures, videos, etc. The average color light belt refers to each LED welded on the LED light with three chips: red, green, and blue chips. They can emit three monochrome lights such as red, green, and blue. Two chips or three chips are glowing. According to the principle of luminescence and gray, they can only adjust the static beating of the color, or part of the color.

rgbww led strips

This COB light belt is a programmable Phantom LED lamp bead. It is a smart lamp bead that can realize single -point single -control and can achieve a single lamp’s independent addressing function by controlling the end of the control end. The controller engineer is programming these modes. We only need to supply power to the lights, access the controller, and select the mode you want to present. Personally, you can also use software DIY your favorite animation effect.

16 million color control, custom light feast

Users can control the color of the light belt through the APP, the warm and warm and dark, and easily create a 16 million kinds of light effects and a full and creative atmosphere. It also supports the local keys to achieve a variety of fixed and colorful scenes such as running horse, flowing water, and rainbow; The cool dynamic light effect of the pattern combination caters to the current mood and personality and creativity.

rgbww led strips

Diversified intelligent control experience, easily create a dynamic atmosphere

With the controller, you can experience the rich interactive control method. Support mobile APP remote control, voice speakers, local keys, 2.4G/infrared remote control, graffiti, Bluetooth, WIFI, scene panel and other rich control methods. Users can use the APP panel to remotely adjust brightness and color, and freely control the space atmosphere.

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According to the function of music rhythm, support the two ways of microphone and mobile phone to play music on the light belt. It can convert the music played in life into a lighting spectrum demonstration. The rhythm of music is constantly changing dancing, or moves or quietly allows you to have an immersive experience.

Following the rhythm of music, the light of the entire space will accompany you to dance

Purple Led Lights Strip Ideas For Room

With the software function, realize light and music, let the lights and music interact, and enhance the perception of happiness from the three -dimensional surround of visual and hearing, the complementarity of light and shadow and music, fitting the rhythm of breathing or casual dancing, and give you A more pleasant harmonious atmosphere.

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At the same time, this intelligent fantasy lamp with high -density lamp beads is arranged, which is relatively uniform than ordinary patch lamps, without blue light and not shining, giving you a brighter lighting experience, bringing home life comparable to daily lights comparable to daily lights Comfortable lighting effect.

If you want to know more about the COB LED light, you can follow my YouTube channel, or send me mail directly.

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Addressable RGBIC COB LED strip lights