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Light strip application led strip lights ideas

Light is everywhere in life, LED products are very common, and LED light strips are widely welcomed by users. whether it is civilian or military, whether it is large stage lighting or small electronic products, LED light strips can be seen.

In this article, we will share the creative usage and usage of light strips. What kind of creative ideas can be achieved with light strips? Where could use the led light strip, and How to use led strip lights.

Yiford company creates value with light. In the more than 10 years in the LED industry, it has served hundreds of customers and has rich experience in products and applications. Here are some real cases to share with you:

Table of Contents

1. Furniture, wood products, metal products, glass products, stone products, etc.

lighting application 1
Lighting For furniture

Science illuminates the world, and technology changes life. New technology has given birth to new design concepts. The design of lamps and lanterns has broken away from the shackles of functions and entered the field of aesthetic art. People's lives are brightened up at the same time.

As a visual art, LED lamps are beginning to absorb elements in clothing, furniture, and architecture. The shape of lamps and lanterns has gradually become decorative. Lamps and lanterns have begun to become a kind of visual art, which enhances the aesthetic value of indoor spaces. Because of its excellent technical characteristics, LED lamps are very suitable for the secondary development of artistic treatment and multiple functions. Beautiful, peculiar, interesting, functional and artistic are the characteristics of LED art lighting; green, environmental protection, health, ecology, and energy saving are another characteristic of LED lighting.

How to tap the unique potential of artistic lighting under new technologies and new materials to create a distinctive artistic space is an unprecedented baptism and challenge faced by interior designers.

Many excellent designers rebuild the original furniture according to the material and application scenarios, integrate the lighting into the furniture, and design more artistic furniture.

There are many artists who have designed various types of furniture and lighting into novel furniture, and applied LED lighting to seats, sofas, etc. Dozens of cases are shared here. led lighting made the furniture so beautiful

In fact, these LED light strips can not only be installed in furniture manufacturing plants. If you want to install on existing furniture, it is also very easy. Take out the COB light strip, tear off the adhesive, paste it on, and cut it. Remove the excess light strips and connect to the corresponding power supply.

Want to know how to cut and connect COB strips? How to connect again after cutting? How to configure the power supply? This article can help you:

How to Cut | Connect | Power COB FOB LED Strip Lights You Must Know  


Here are some DIY case videos for your reference:


DIY for storage box:

The effect of the COB led light strip in the transparent storage box
ideas for led light strips, DIY video fro storage box.

播放有关的视频 LED Light For Bed--Best Lighting ideas for bedroom

DIY for Sofa:

The fiery red color, like the sunrise on the horizon, unrestrained and passionate
lighting strip ideas: DIY Video for Sofa​


DIY for tea table:

The soft light, warmly, slowly shines in your eyes, and falls in your heart
led lighting strips ideas : DIY Video for Tea Table​

播放有关的视频 LED lighting for cabinet --Best LED light strips for room

DIY For Bed:

Afraid of the dark? Afraid disturb your family? Add a sensor light strips
LED Strips application ideas: DIY Video for Bed​

What Yiford can do is to provide designers with more and better new technology products, help them realize their ideas, and face the challenges of the new era together with designers.

More and more designers are using COB led lighting to design different furniture products, combining LED lights and furniture to achieve the unity of function and beauty. These creative furniture make our living space more warm. More energetic and more inspired.

There are many creative furniture products in YIFORD blog​ for your reference.

2. Home lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting and decoration

Have you ever thought that the reason why your well-decorated home looks dull and unremarkable may be that it is a few light strips away from these beautiful home pictures.

So, where can the light strips be embedded in the home space to make the space level instantly taller?


Ceiling led strip lighting ideas

The ceiling is the easiest to achieve the effect of seeing the light but not the light source. The LED soft light led strips reflects off the wall, energy efficient, soft and not dazzling, feel comfortable and harmonious.


Cabinet Lighting Ideas 

The design of the light strips in the shelves, large wardrobes, and kitchen wall cabinets makes the light soft and not dazzling, which can greatly improve the basic lighting in dark corners.


Wall  lighting ideas

The wall lamp belt is simple and fashionable, and has a three-dimensional and virtual sense. It can collide with rounded curves or interesting geometric shapes to bring full vitality to the space.


Ground floor Lighting Ideas

In space design, light is an essential decorative element.
It can not only beautify the space and create a “wall makeup”-like atmosphere, but also make the whole object full of fun and vitality through clever light and shadow changes and chiaroscuro, bringing shocking visual effects.

light effect

It is also a good way to decorate with lights in the aisle, under the bed, under the TV wall, etc. Because it can play a finishing touch and add brilliance to life.
RGB led strip lights will use the remote controller to choose your favorite color. it will make your living room more dreamful.

Want to know how LED light strips can integrate lighting and decoration in commercial art? This article may be helpful to you.
  Objects in Space that Emit and Reflect Light | Reflect Light in Space

3. Showcases, shelves, wine cabinets, wardrobes, display box, etc.

lighting application 3

lighting for shelves

Showcases shelves are places for families to place items, as well as for businesses to display their products and services. It is a display of taste and brand image. For businesses, higher-reduced lighting is to better display the texture of the product, and for families, more secret lighting is to make better use of space and better enjoy life.

led apply2

6 places cabinets whith led strips

There are countless places in the family where light can bring us a better life enjoyment. In these 6 places, you must install light strips, which will bring you unexpected effects. 6 Amazing LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets | Which Will Make Your Cabinets Look Attractiv


DIY for wine cabinet

the outline of the iron frame comes out, with a full sense of three-dimensionality and high brightness


DIY for the shelf

The storage table is sometimes not just a storage table, sometimes it is a lamp, cool and comfortable, or a work of art, quietly blooming its charm


DIY for display stand

the outline of the iron frame comes out, with a full sense of three-dimensionality and high brightness


DIY for Desk

The tea table is with led lights, cool and comfortable, or a work of art, quietly blooming its charm

4. Car wash room, fitness club, meeting room, multi-function hall, etc.

lighting application 4

lighting for the multi function space

linear lights
linear lights 1

You can download the catalog of LED aluminum trough lights here, there are hundreds of models for you to choose from:

Download Linear light catalogue : Yiford led lighting products catalogue 

linear lighting application 1

led strip lights applications

widely used for the room,hotel, indoor pillar, theater ladder, office, wardrobe, batchroom, media room, cabinet, stairs, clubs, commercial area and so on.

​5. Stairs, corridors, corridors, passages, etc.

lighting application 5

lighting for stairs

The design of the light strips on the stairs not only brings people a sense of security by lighting up the space, but also makes this area more layered and gives the beauty of the stair stepping rhythm.The LED linear light highlights the key part of the required lighting and instantly attracts the viewer's visual focus. Such as: the center of the stage, the merchandise display area for sales or display, the corridor passage of the hotel, the safety exit...

linear lighting application 2

6. Background wall, background light, artistic modeling, etc.

lighting application 6

lighting for background wall

A wall, if there is no light and shadow, no light and darkness, it is rigid. Many designers add background lights to the wall, which not only illuminates the part, but also has the function of attracting attention.LED soft light strips can weaken their sense of existence through hidden forms, and are gradually arranged along the corresponding spatial contours, and they are recessed with the wall to form a unique geometric or curved shape; when it is necessary to provide lighting functions, the light strips can be used again. Instantly ignite the atmosphere of the entire space, grab people's visual focus, and create a space context that is light, agile and exquisite.

If you want to use LED lights to form a light wall, such as waveform diagrams, musical notes, company logos, etc., it is also very convenient to use YIFORD’s COB soft light strips.
work with the led controller or dimmer, you will get more amazing ideas for your lighting projects.
Here show you how to use the COB led strips to make a beautiful light for this background.

Watch video how to add led strips for background Video:

background lighting

TV background wall lighting

If you want to know how to design the TV background wall lighting? How to achieve the unity of function and style? Take a look at this article.  Best TV Wall back lighting design Ideas

7. Ceiling lights, ceilings, linear lights, modeling lights, etc.

lighting application 7

Lighting for Ceiling

Assemblable chandelierWhen it comes to ceiling lights on the ceiling, there is no one that is more suitable and versatile than this linear chandelier. It has simple lines and arbitrary splicing. Whether it is design, installation or final effect, it is deeply loved by users.The advantages of LED light strips in local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting can create a high-quality light environment unmatched by other traditional lighting electric light sources, and interpret another meaning for the space of the ceiling.

Various lines are combined into different forms of lighting, which not only realizes functional lighting, but also makes the environment more layered, has a dynamic beauty, and brings more shocking vitality to the space. Whether you want a sense of solemnity or warmth and romance, you can use linear lights to achieve it.

The LED integrated light source has full characteristics and is easy to control, and can create static and dynamic lighting effects. From white light to any color of the full spectrum, it renders a strong entertainment atmosphere. The appearance of LED opens up the decoration design of this kind of space environment. New ideas.

surface mount
linear lighting application 4

lighting design without main lights

​Want to know the decorative effect of line lights? This article may be useful to you  Unique Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Main Lights

8. Atmosphere lighting of stage bars, coffee shops and other leisure places

Led Light Strip Ideas

lighting for clubs stage

​Light gives life and soul to objects. The use of lighting design to create a free, flexible and imaginative temperament space is like a magical "space magic", which not only brings basic lighting functions, but also shows great artistic appeal.COB light strips are small in size, soft, and rich in colors, giving designers and manufacturers unlimited space to develop various styles of LED lamps.The full spectrum of LEDs in any color and dynamic and static lighting effects make it decorative The functions of sex and sentimental creation are fully demonstrated in this type of place.

What does the waterproof led strips look like? watch video here


9. Vehicles such as cars, trains, airplanes, cruise ships, etc.

lighting application 9

lighting for truck vehicle

​ Speaking of car lights, we can easily think of car headlights and taillights. In fact, LED lights can also play the role of interior decoration in cars.They are small and energy-saving, with mild colors. Many car manufacturers install them in the trunk slot. Put on the LED light strip.

10. Hotels, clubs, shops, exhibitions, etc.

lighting application 10

lighting for hotels

The lighting of hotels and guesthouses uses LED products to give customers a different feeling. In addition to saving energy, it can also show luxury and warmth. For clubs, the personalized light environment created by LEDs can fully Highlight the style and aesthetics of the club.Lighting is an indispensable part of the hotel. Excellent lighting applications can bring customers a safe and comfortable light environment, highlight the grade and taste of the hotel, and bring value-added effects to the hotel.Whether in the lobby or guest rooms, corridors, dining areas, conferences, multi-function halls, swimming pools, and exterior wall areas, LED lights can be used in the hotel. If you are interested in hotel lighting design, you can refer to YIFORD BLOG​.

11. Exterior wall decoration, architectural outline, artistic modeling, etc.

lighting application 11

lighting for outline

Some people say that every building has two stages of life, one in the daytime and the other in the night. The architectural life at night relies on perfect lighting effects to show.Since then, the form of "light washing the wall" has been widely used by designers and continues to this day. They use light strips hidden on the ceiling, wall or floor to clearly present the outline of the space.In the minimal space form, the light strips embedded in every corner give it a breathtaking and hierarchical beauty.It makes the bright space brighter and has the magic power to guide the sight and awaken emotions.

12. Lighting of professional places such as museums and art galleries

Lights For Paintings

lighting for art

Museums, art galleries and other places belong to special occasions with high requirements for lighting environment, and the particularity of their display items requires that the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet rays and no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, and the light does not contain ultraviolet rays, which can fully meet the special requirements of museums and art galleries for lighting. At the same time, because the COB color rendering index is higher than 90, the texture and color of the artwork itself are better restored, and the details are more prominent. Using YIFORD's COB light strips in museums, art galleries, etc., has a better effect.led lighting strips ideas:  DIY Video for painting

播放有关的视频 led strips light for room --Best lighting ideas

DIY Video for painting

What is the effect of installing blue color COB soft light strip on the drawing board?


DIY Video for drawing

What is the effect of installing blue color COB soft light strip on the drawing board?

13. Innovation of existing products

Nowadays, users have higher and higher requirements for the aesthetics of products, and more and more requirements for product functions, and new innovations are becoming more and more difficult. The easiest and safest way is to use existing products to design new products?
Most of the DIY projects could add the led strip lights, to made the effect amazing and wonderful,

Have you ever thought about adding some lights to your existing products to make the products more selling points? Here are some common supplies in daily life to increase the effect of the COB light strip. You can look at the comparison before and after installation:


DIY for flower pot


DIY For door 


​DIY for shoes


​DIY for shelf 


DIY for Fan


DIY for guitar


DIY for canister


​DIY For plaything

I have shared with you so many applications of LED lights. Are you curious what kind of lights have so many applications? The main luminous body is the COB flexible light strip manufactured by YIFORD.

What does the LED flexible light strip look like? Let’s take a look at this short video first. It looks like this before it’s installed. This is the latest type of soft light strip with no light spots and no dark areas. It has high brightness and can be used directly as the main lighting, or it can be hidden in the wall and diffused after refraction. Reflection, used for decoration.


Compared with traditional SMD soft light strips, COB light strips have no graininess, the density of the lamp beads can almost emit light in a line, and the color consistency is high. It can replace some high-density light strips on the market. COB not only saves costs, but also Solve the problems of graininess, chromatic aberration and easy soldering.

COB LED Light Strips And SMD Light Strips

yiford cob led strip lights

YIFORD's COB soft light strip can disperse the heat of the chip, improve the light efficiency and improve the glare effect of LED lights.The luminous effects of COB light strips and SMD light strips are shown in the figure:

Thank you for reading our introduction to the application of LED lights. Those who can see here must be those who really love LED lighting. You may be an interior designer, product designer, electrical engineer, architect, LED wholesaler, lighting distributor, factory, trade…

Yiford has always been focusing on consumer demands and providing lighting products that meet individual needs and quality assurance. In addition to having its own design team, it also communicates and cooperates with designers from different countries and industries to fully understand the reality of each industry. Understand the real needs of consumers, improve the quality and craftsmanship of LED products, comprehensively improve the quality of space, illuminate every detail of life, and truly practice the brand mission of “using light to create value”.

If you are looking for a high-quality LED lighting manufacturer, with 3 years after-service, As long-term partners who are familiar with the market and end users, please contact YIFORD. Yiford is happy to provide free samples for your testing.

Want to know YIFORD company, please watch the video: Yiford Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction

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