The COB light strip is made of a new type of flexible light strip. It is soft, ultra-thin, high-brightness, can be bent arbitrarily, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is very popular among architects and designers.

But because COB light strips are usually 5 meters in a roll, and we don’t necessarily use 5 meters in daily use,
we often need to cut or connect multiple strips. you may have question about: can I cut led light strips? how to connect two led strips together? 
how to power led strip lighting? How should COB light strips be used correctly?
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If you are hearing about COB light strips for the first time and don’t know what COB means, what is the difference between COB and SMD light strips, and what are the characteristics of COB light strips, you will get answers form this article:
 COB LED Light Strips Most Complete Introduction

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If you want to understand these issues quickly and intuitively, you can watch the video below
It is 11 minutes long, with audio and English subtitles.

If you like to read text-based explanations, please continue reading. The text has 2,000 words and you can read it in about 4 minutes.

How to cut led strips

How To Cut

To cut the COB strip, you only need a pair of scissors. Of course, use a ruler to measure the length you need before cutting it.

The PCB board of the light strip has clearly marked the places that can be cut, and it can be cut along these lines. The unit length of the cutting line of the LED light strip is different, which is determined by the circuit design inside the PCB (print circult board ).
The small units before each group of cutting lines are connected in parallel, so they can still be used normally after cutting.

For the specific instructions for cutting and installation, you can refer to another article by YIFORD led lighting Blog.
Here is a detailed explanation of how to install the COB light strip, 8 steps, step by step tech you:

  1. Prepare the LED light strip/power supply/controller and related tools,
  2. measure the required length
  3. cut the LED strips as needed
  4. how to quickly connect the power cord
  5. Test the strip before installation
  6. how to paste the strip lighting to the desired position
  7. connect the led power supply and led controller or led dimmer
  8. last time test and adjust to your favorite color.

how to install cob led strip lights to your projects

Cob Led Strips Connector

Cut at the designated mark, the led strips can be used normally, what will happen if it is not cut at the designated mark?
For example, you will find that several lights at the end are not on.
The way to solve this problem is to cut off the rest of the uncertain lights, remember to cut along the cutting line.

Cut Length

the cutting unit lengths of some COB strips

12V and 24V COB LED Strips Lights cut length

You may have found that, In general, the cutting length of 12V and 24V is the same,such as white cob led strip lights, and single color led light strip. but for the tunable COB light strips, RGB addressable led strip lights, 12V COB led strip lights, 24V COB led strip lights, each cut length is different, this is because the PCB design is different, the length that can be cut is the same as It is determined by the density of chip set lamps, the number of lamp beads distributed in each segment, and the current setting.

How to connect led light strips

Power Supply

Can you connect led strip lights together? The standard packaging of COB light strips is 5 meters in a roll, and two-color parallel wires of No. 20 are connected at both ends, one red and one black. Of course, we can also provide a DC connector, both of which can be directly connected to the power supply.
For example, if it is wired, it is directly connected to the power supply with terminal.
The led strips connected to the DC connector can be directly connected to the power supply that has a DC male connector.

Use Solderless Connector

How to use connector

After the strip is cut, you may need to connect it together, How to reconnect cut led strips?  two flexible strips, or even three flexible strips, There are two ways to wire led strips:
Use a soldering iron or use a crystal connector.
To use a soldering iron, you need to prepare tin wire and rosin, as well as certain skills, and I don’t specifically introduce them here. The easiest and fastest way is to use this transparent crystal connector, which is specially designed for COB led light strips.
It is small and has high transparency without affecting the luminous effect.

How can I supply power to the light strips that have been cut without wires or DC input terminals?

This is a transparent crystal end connector.  You will see that there are two symmetrically arranged metal pins, no need to distinguish between positive and negative. Prepare a 22Awg wire. Keep the connection between the wire and the light strip level.

The positive pole of the wire is opposite to the positive pole of the led strips. Insert the light strips and wire into the corresponding connector position of the connection terminal, insert the cob led strips end into the slot, and make sure that the copper sheet is just below the metal pin of the connector.

To complete the connection, use a tool to press the metal pin down until the surface So far. If you don’t have a tool at hand, you can press it down with your nail shell, and you can see that the metal needle has been inserted into the copper sheet of the wire and light strip.
Gently pull the cob led strips to check that it is locked in place and well connected.

Led Strips Connectors

As shown in the figure, the COB light led strips is now connected to 2 wires, and the test is OK.
compare with the light on and light off, the transparents crystal connector are not effect the lighting brightness.

Now you may have question: can I connect different led light strips together?
the answer is yes, use the solderless led light strips connecter, you could connect different color led strips together. 

Watch below video for how to use solderless connector for cob led strip lights :

Videos for how to install led strip lights

Which types connector could be used for the cob led strip lights?

Light strips are often need be cutted or re-connected, and some problems related to cutting will be involved here. Here we use the new type flexible lighting COB (chip on board) light strips as a case to explain all the questions you have.  you will get know How to cut and connect cob led light strips ? with different types connectors.

Solderless connectors for COB led strips--how to use

The LED light strip is like a luminous ribbon, while providing incredible flexibility. Its characteristics allow the light strips to have many functions, and it is widely used in various places and areas of life. They are the perfect lighting for room. with excellent lighting solution.

If your power supply has a DC connector,  how do you supply power to this strip of light? 

You can find other accessories on our website.
Please note that the DC connector is divided into positive and negative poles. The positive terminal of the PCB is connected to the positive terminal of the DC connector, and the negative terminal of the PCB is connected to the negative terminal of the DC connector,
so that the DC connector can work normally when it is connected to the DC connector of the power supply.

If the connection is reversed, there is no need to worry. The result is just that the cob led strips does not light up.
Because of the cob led strips reverse current protection function, the led power supply and led cob light will not be burned out.

With this crystal connector  we can use this connector where it is inconvenient to arrange the light strips to form a design scheme with a hollow in the middle and bright sides. At the same time, it can be bent into different shapes and can also connect multiple COBs Light strips.

How to seamlessly connect 2 COB light strips?

Let me show you another board-to-board crystal connector  which is no positive/negative. It is also very simple to use.
Place the positive poles of the two light bars facing each other and insert them into the terminals. Use a tool to press the metal pin down until the surface is flat.
The metal pins are inserted into the copper sheet of the PCB board to form a conductive bridge. After connecting to the power supply, you can see that the connection can also emit light without affecting the overall effect.

Solderless Connector

If you have this accessory  with a solderless connector, you can also turn the board-to-board crystal connector into a board-to-wire connector.

The operation method is similar to the previous one. The positive pole of the COB board is opposite to the positive pole of the PCB board. Insert the two ends of the crystal connector respectively, and then press it down,
the COB light bar is connected to the line and can be directly connected to the power supply.

watch video for how to use solderless connector for cob led strip lights, The operation method can refer to the following 15-second video:

How to choose the most suitable connector for your led strip lighting projects?

There are many types of light strip connectors, so you need to choose the right one according to the type of light strip. When choosing the right accessories, there are several factors to consider:

1. How width is your cob strip lighting?

If the strip is 8mm wide, the connector selected must be 8mm wide. If it is 10mm width, the fitting must be 10mm width. 10mm width connectors cannot be used on 8mm width led strips.  and Because 8mm wide light strips are the most common. so the 8mm width connectors are the most commonly used.
Of course, the connectors of led cob lighting are also divided into single-color and multi-color. The single-color connector is 2PIN, the white tunable color temperature adjustable light strip is 3PIN, and the RGB COB light strip is 4PIN.

2. How do you need to install the cob led strip lights for your projects?

Yiford provides several connectors with different connection methods, such as the middle butt type in-line type like Ithe 90-degree like L, and three-way connection like T.  With these connectors,connect two led strips together is easy, you can connect multiple strip lighting, your COB light strip can be used in almost any occasion.

Cob Strips Connector
Strip Lights Connector
Cob Strips Connector

3. What if some light strips do not have this seamless crystal connector?

Not all the led strips has matched connectors. for example, 3mm wide soft light strips, 5mm wide flexible led light strips, and RGB adderssabe led strip lights and so on. 
If you need to connect two light strips together, It can be soldered, plus a terminal connector, which acts as a bridge in the middle.
When connecting, remember that the positive pole is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole.

How to install COB led strip lighting?

There is adhesive on the back of the led cob lights,refer the features for COB led strip lights here.  which can be pasted on the surface of the object after peeling off the adhesive. Metal, plate, plastic, etc. can be pasted.

The COB light strips itself emits uniformly without dark areas and spots. If you want better lighting effects and protect the led strips, you can consider using led aluminum profiles. also called led aluminum extrusions , or led light channel. With led aluminum profiles, you can make the light strip more uniform and help The heat dissipation and long life of the product.

Yiford has over 300 different aluminum profiles, here are some dimensional drawings for your reference.
For more detailed information, please refer Yiford catalogue which could be download here.

Led Aluminum Profile List

The Groover For LED Strip Lights

LED Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Led Channel
This aluminum profile is also useful for SMD light strips  From the comparison chart, we can see that after the aluminum profile is added,
the light becomes more uniform, but the uniformity is still not as good as the features of COB light strips 

YIFORD provides three kinds of housings for LED light strips to meet the needs of users in different places:

1. If you want a flexible shell, need to bend or distortion, Neon Silicon Tube series you must consider. Strong flexibility, arbitrary bending, 30-degree to 360-degree light is available.

2. If you want hard linear lighting, Easy to shape, metal material, LED Aluminum Profile series will satisfy for you. Small shell, hundreds of different sizes, all corners can be applied.

3. If you want to use in commercial lighting, especially for the ceiling lights,  Ceiling Lights special-shaped series is good choice. Large-scale shell, large-area lighting, easy to combine into different shapes.

Silicone LED Channels

Silicone Led Channel
Silicone Led Strips

Neon flex silicon led strips is very common on our life, you may wonder what’s features is it, how to use the silicon flex led tube. you can watch below video:

The COB light strip is very simple. but work together with the soft silicone sleeve, it can be made into hundreds of thousands of shapes, and it is waterproof and can be used outdoors.
The use of COB light strips with LED aluminum profiles can create a lot of artistic spaces.  if you want to know more about the led aluminum profile, read here  All information about Led Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

When buying these materials, you need to consider those factors, how to choose the best COB light strip, how to choose the most suitable housing, how to install the light strip, how to connect the light strip, how to apply the light strip, here are the most detailed explanations, 

Get ready to buy cob led strips for your projects?
you may want to know everything before buy cob led strips. you will get all the information from here COB led strip lights buying guide

Features for Silicone LED Tube

Neon Flex Silicon LED Strip Lights Features

LED neon flex is a high quality, flexible LED strip lights with a unique co-extrusion technology. The combination of high quality and exceptional flexibility, allows for an endless range of indoor and outdoor applications. Uniform and without spot illumination at very low installation depths.

Neon FLex Strip Lights | smart rgb neon rope light

Every time or our any program we can think without lighting. lighting always bright our program more and more. If is it LED lighting then this program will be more exciting and colorful. our kids always like lighting. we can use our lighting wedding, birthday party, marriage ceremony, any kind of party.

How to configure the right led power supply

When choosing a power supply,  it is recommended to retain 20% of the added value. That is to say, if your led light bar needs 50W, the 20% added to 50W is 60W, because the maximum power consumption will be 60W.
It is possible to use a power supply that can exceed the required power, but you should never Use a power supply with the same or less power rating as the required power.


How to calculate the required power

To calculate the required power (watts), simply multiply the wattage per meter of the strip by the length of the strip to be powered. Therefore, if you want to power a 10W per meter strip to 5 meters, you only need to multiply 5 meters 10W per meter is enough, that is, 50 watts, and then increase the value of 20% on the 50 watts to get 60 watts, so a power supply rated at 60 watts or 72 watts will be an ideal choice. Even a 60-watt or 90-watt power supply is acceptable, because your COB strip will only extract the required power from the power supply.

connect drawing for led strips and power supply

When using a light strip, do not connect it too long, because a long light strip will cause the light strip to withstand too much current, which will damage the light strip. For a light strip of 10 meters per watt, we recommend that the longest one is 5 Meter. If you need to connect more,
you need to connect them in parallel and then connect to the power supply. 

Led Strips Connect Power

Waterproof and un-waterproof power supply

The power supply is divided into waterproof and non-waterproof  type. The waterproof type has a wire,
and the non-waterproof type has a terminal or DC terminal. The user can choose the appropriate power supply according to their own project needs.
how to power led strip lighting, how to connect lighting strips. how to connect led strip lights to power supply. 


The above is about the cutting, connection and led power supply related questions of the light strip.
If you have any other questions, please contact YIFORD company  and we will be happy to reply to you.

Thank you for reading our introduction to the application of LED lights. Those who can see here must be those who really love LED lighting. You may be an interior designer, product designer, electrical engineer, architect, LED wholesaler, lighting distributor, factory, trader…

You may also wonder where could install led strip lighting? how to use the led strip light for room or lighting projects? where culd use the cob led strip lights? here some led lighting case share with you. What are application ideas for LED Strip Lighting?

If you are looking for a high-quality LED lighting manufacturer, with 3 years after-service, As long-term partners who are familiar with the market and end users, please contact YIFORD. Yiford is happy to provide free samples for your testing.

Want to know YIFORD company, please watch the video:  

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