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Connector for COB led strips - wire to board

Connector for COB led strips – wire to board for solderless.

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Middle connector: Seamless connection of COB LED strips, This transparent gapless connector doesn’t break the continuity of led chips so it won’t cast shadow on diffuser or leave any dark area on lighting surface.

Ultra slim, the smaller space requirements: The new ultra-narrow and ultra-thin design is more suitable for working inside narrow space like aluminum channel, groove on furniture and more, It is an ideal choice for the quick installation of aluminum slot line lights.

Extendable Length: Using the cob led strip extension kit you can extend and connect light strips, extend the connection between the strip light and controller, power supply, and let you achieve a corner connection.

APPLICATION: (1 time use) These cob middle connector compatible with single color flexible COB light strips.

Easy to Use: Simple to install and no need to solder. Just clasp your prepared led strip section into the connector, then press down the metal conductor with pliers to get connected.

Use the schematic

20220726 120220 017 E1658820224323

20220726 120220 018 E1658820289913

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