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What Is Blue LED Strip Lights?--ICE Blue COB LED Strip

Why so many person like blue led strip lights? how the ice blue cob led strip light looks like? ice blue sky sea color led strip lighting effect show here.

* Working Voltage: 12V DC or 24VDC
* LED Quantity: 320/384/384/528pcs led per metre
* Size: L500cm (5M) x W0.8cm x T0.2cm
* Working Temperature:-20 to 50 Degree Celsius

Ice Blue led strip lights Applications & Installations:
* Bedroom decorative LED lighting
* Garden decorative LED lighting
* Bathroom decorative LED lighting
* Kitchen decorative LED lighting
* Dining backlight
* Accent decorative LED lighting
* signage decorative LED lighting
* Under cabinet decorative LED lighting
* Cove decorative LED lighting
* Club Backlight
* TV backlight decoration
* Under counter decorative LED lighting

Ice blue is a lighter color than blue. It is bright blue like the sky and cool blue like sea water. The color is more translucent and light, revealing a sense of mystery.

Blue is a broad color, and the vast landscape of sky and sea is blue. Blue is a symbol of eternity, it is the coldest color. Pure blue shows a kind of beauty, quietness, reason, peace and cleanliness.

Due to the calm characteristics of blue, it has a sensible and accurate image. In commercial design, products or corporate images that emphasize technology and efficiency are mostly used as the standard color of blue. Corporate colors, such as computers, automobiles, photocopiers, and photographic equipment Wait, and blue also represents melancholy, which is influenced by Western culture. This imagery is also used in literary works or commercial designs for emotional appeals.

Blue has a wide range of uses, blue can calm the mood, and sky blue can be used as decoration for hospitals and sanitary equipment, or summer clothing, curtains, etc. In general paintings and all kinds of accessories, blue is also inseparable.

Different blues and whites match, showing bright, refreshing and clean; blues match yellows, with a large contrast and more lively; big blues generally do not match greens, they can only penetrate each other and become blue-green, Lake blue or cyan, this is also an intoxicating color; light green and black match, it looks solemn, mature and cultivated.

Ice blue led strip lights COB led strip Product Link:

blue and iceblue
ice blue led strip lights cob led strips

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What is Blue LED Strip Lights?–ICE Blue COB LED Strip Review