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led strips solderless connector board to board

led strips solderless connector board to board

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  • -Solderless connection
    -Traceless connection
    -Fully transparent, no shading, no change in color temperature
    -Ultra-thin, the overall thickness is 4mm
    -Easy installation
    -Universal over 90% IP20 light strip
    -Board to board connection, board to wire connection
    -Adapt to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm three width PCB
    -Patented product

This set is suitable for the connection of 8 mm COB LED connections, ordinary LED strips, and can satisfy most LED strips connection requirements
Transparent design: the clip LED strip connector adopts a transparent design, which makes the light of the lamp strip more continuous without damaging the LED chip, so it cast shadows on the diffuser or leave any dark areas on the illuminated surface, helping to get a better using experience
Easy to install: no welding and other processes are required, this COB LED kit is simple to use, only need to distinguish the positive and negative poles of the connector, insert the light strip into the connector, and clamp it with pliers to make the metal connecting piece and the light strip conduct, then connection is complete, very simple and quick
Convenient connection: with our clip LED strip connectors, can only extend the connection of the light strip, but also extend the connection between the light strip and the controller and power supply, allowing to easily realize the corner connection
Broad utilization: coming with appropriate thickness, these LED tape light extensions can be applied even in a small space, suitable for Christmas, bedroom, kitchen, cabinet, car, living room, party or wedding, Waiting for occasions, setting off a warm festive atmosphere

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Board To Board 3 2

Board To Board 4

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