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Single color led strips lighting

  • No luminous spot, no shadow, light uniform soft 
  • High efficiency, remarkable energy saving effect;
  • The maximum luminous angle is 180°
  • Antistatic grade(MIL-STD-883E) HBM 2 (2000~4000V) 
  • This product is have no harmful substances and complies with ROHS environmental standards
  • Chip longitudinal distribution, high reliability; Minimum bending radii is 2cm
  • Product have good color rendering consistency,CRI better than 90;SDCM is less than 5 steps;
  • Protection grade:IP20(IP67/IP68 optional)
  • Products through FCC, ROHS, UL certification

The new COB (Chip on board) LED lighting technology consists of many small-chips integrated into one large single chip. The newest led lights COB LED has new innovation design, achieves higher light levels with a more uniform appearance than its predecessors. as best led strip lights, COB technology offers increased levels of light dispersion banishing those dark then bright patches created by narrow beam fittings.

COB LED Strips VS SMD LED Strips

COB LED Light Strips And SMD Light Strips

1. Due to the structural characteristics of the COB (chip on board) light strip, the light emitting surface is a linear colloid; while the ordinary SMD (smd surface mount) type light strip, its structure is a luminous lamp bead, which is attached to the PCB board. Therefore, the light emitted by the high quality COB light strip should be much more uniform, linear, and there is no light spot; 

2. Since the COB chip is directly solidified on the PCB board, the heat of the chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB board. Therefore, the heat dissipation speed of the chip of the COB led light is faster than that of the SMD type strips, and the light decay of the COB light strip is smaller and the life span is longer; compared to cob leds, new led technology led strip light brings better lighting solution. heat sink not necessary, cost effective. energy efficiency. 

3. The luminous angle of the light emitting surface of the COB led light source can reach 180°.

Weight0.2 公斤
Dimensions20 × 20 × 8 厘米

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10 rolls per box

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