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Purple LED Lights --COB Purple Led Strip Lights

how is the purple led strip lights look like? Mysterious purple violet color COB soft light strip lighting luminous effect

cob violet
Purple LED Lights --COB Purple Led Strip Lights

LED Type: COB LED Strip Lights
Length: 16.4 ft / 5meter
LED quantity: 320/384/384/528pcs led per metre
Output: DC 12V or 24V
Power: 8W/10W/10W/14W per Metre
Ra: 90+

1. The New Technology of COB : This COB LED strip light can be bent and spliced while still providing higher brightness and softer, spot-free lighting compared to traditional strip lights.

2. Durable Linear Lighting: Due to the structural characteristics of the COB light strip, the light-emitting surface is a linear colloid, the light emitted by the COB light strip should be much more uniform, linear, and no spot.

3. 360°rotation, linking and cutting: linear lighting is evenly distributed, 180° beam angle design, no need to worry about dark spots. The LED strip can be bent at any angle (for example, ±90° or twice). Linkable and cuttable functions provide you with great flexibility, allowing you to obtain the length and shape you need. With the strongest 3M adhesive, the width of 8mm is easy to install in narrow places.

Violet is the shortest visible light wave. Purple is a non-perceptual color. It is beautiful and mysterious. It gives a deep impression. It is both menacing and inspiring. Purple is a hue that symbolizes devotion. When light and understanding illuminate the color of ignorant devotion, the beautiful and lovely halo will make people intoxicated!

Use purple to express loneliness and devotion, and magenta to express the dominance of sacred love and spirit. This is the expressive value that purple brings.

Purple is in a state of drifting between cold and warm, and its low lightness nature constitutes the psychological negative feeling of this color. Unlike yellow, purple cannot accommodate many colors, but it can accommodate many dilute levels. A dark pure purple can become a very beautiful and soft color by adding a small amount of white. With the continuous addition of white, many layers of lavender are produced, and each layer of lavender looks so soft and moving.

Violet COB LED Strip Lights

Violet COB LED Strip Lights

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Violet COB LED Strip Lights

1、Wide beam angle, 180 degree

2、PCB width 8mm,12V or 24VDC, 480LEDS/Meter

3、High CRI>90, SDCM<5, restore true color

4、No dark area, perfect light performance

5、High lumen output, 100lm/W,

6、Widely used in decoration and accents lighting such as bar, hotel, shops, gardens,etc

Product presentation

This product is no luminous spot flexible LED light strip, the light all through the chip surface coverage arc fluorescent colloid and substrate surface coating of high reflection refraction ink out, achieve intensive continuous luminous effect. Largest lighting angle up to 180 °, the thickness of only 1.5mm,minimum bending radii 2cm. It is take 3M adhesive on the back.

Product features

【First COB Led Strip Light 】—”Chip On Board” technology is a step forward more efficient energy use. No more SMD, No more dark spot, No more hard time choosing SMD like 2385, 5050, 5630 or others and COB LED rope light will have 480Leds/m on the same PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

【CE Certificated and ETL-Listed High Quality Strip Light】— Our all kinds of strip light have passed the CE Cerficiated and ETL-Listed certified, which ensure safety and reliability for your all lighting projects. The advantage of COB is Uniform illumination soft and comfortable light, No glare,No eye damage,No UV and IR in the beam, better lumen-per-watt, ratios and heat efficiency.

【Perfect Light Performance】— This New Technology Flexible COB LED lights use up to several hundredsHigh Quality and energy efficient LEDs generate perfect light performance, it have different color working together with RF controller. Wonderful color show, it widely use for TV backlight, bar light, kitchen light, bedroom light, party light, etc.

【Cuttable and Easy Install】— With high-quality 3M adhesive with heat resistance, strong viscosity and integration, tape on the back, please keep surface is dry, clean and smooth when installing. You can cut it(please along Markedline to cut) to DIY special residential decoration and design unique commercial sign (Indoor Use Only).


It can be used TV, party, kitchen, room, KTV and medical machine etc.




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