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LED Strips Warm White-- 3000K White COB LED Strips

5mm 3000K warm white cob led strips lighting effect,What is warm white 3000K lighting –mini copper strip:

When choosing colors for LED soft light strips, especially white light, many friends will be entangled in choosing high color temperature or low color temperature.

In the same space, using the same main lighting fixture (LED fixtures, etc.), only the color temperature is different. The lighting effect will be very different. Soft light strips of different color temperatures give people different feelings. Since color temperature has such a big impact on lighting effects, of course we should increase the importance of color temperature when selecting models. SHIRLEY’s video recorded the luminous effects of COB soft light strips under different color temperatures and different colors. The choice of color temperature is not the best, only appropriate, and must be in line with your application, because the choice of the color temperature of the lamp is closely related to the functionality of the place.

In low illuminance occasions, low color temperature light makes people feel happy and comfortable; high color temperature makes people feel gloomy, dim, and cool; high illuminance occasions, low color temperature light makes people feel stuffy and hot; high color temperature makes people feel comfortable ,happy.

The workplace needs a high illuminance and high color temperature environment, and the rest place needs a low illuminance and low color temperature environment.

Schools, classrooms, libraries, and science laboratories are recommended to choose a color temperature of 4500-5000K.

White color temperature

Different areas should be equipped with fluorescent lamps with different color temperatures. Most shopping malls use 3500-4500K. This color temperature is natural and lively. It can arouse people’s desire to buy. The color reflects in the product, which is reassuring and comfortable. feel.

If you want to give people a sense of cleanliness, high-end, and crisp lines, choose a color temperature of 5000-5500K. Offices and meeting rooms are generally based on 5000-5500K. The color temperature of the reception room should be 4000-4500K, which is convenient for guest and host to interact and communicate smoothly.

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LED Strips Warm White– 3000K white COB LED Strips Review