Good Luminous Consistency High Color Rendering Index Small Size  Low Energy Consumption

Good luminous consistency, luminous like a belt, no dark area, high brightness, high color rendering index, more advantages and wider application.

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COB LED Strips

COB LED Strips light is the newest technology led strips.

Seamless – absolutely no spotting – a continuous and even light along the whole length.

It’s small size means it can be used in most led channels such as Silicone groover and aluminium profiles whilst it’s Dotless performance means even very low profile profiles perform well.

COB LED Strips

Wide Range Of Applications

Whether it is home decoration or large-scale architectural lighting or object lighting , the dotless cob light strip is valuable. 

YIFORD’s cob led strips help you save labor, materials, time and costs.

5 new and best flexible  led strip lights that designers must know

Widely Use

Top 4 Applications for LED LED Strips

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses.

LED strip lights can illuminate the home, indoor and outdoor, room lighting,surface lighting, recessed wall lighting, room decoration. TV wall light, photo frame lighting, light pathways, darkest, most winding paths,covers in your home and business, translucid stones, or even indirect lighting for other outdoor areas.

LED strip lights several uses, limited only by the imagination!

led strips application 4

Products and materials with light sensitivity, like spirits, wines, and beers, represent another great way to use LED tapelights. Due to their low intensity and adjustable settings, LED strip lights to extend the shelf-life of light-sensitive products – for companies selling light-sensitive products, this can mean thousands of savings in a year.

led strips application 3

Flexible LED Light Strips offer striking, evocative improvements to commercial and residential settings, including backlighting, task lighting, and spot lighting.

High-lumen flexible LED strips used on Architecure, building, across retail, business offices, and individual homes.

led strips application 1

In businesses and homes, LED light strips can provide superior task lighting, helping staff members get more completed and stay focused. In the home, task lighting in the garage can increase safety.


led strips application 2

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5 new flexible cob led strips for lighting