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Silicone Neon Light Strip Review--Amazing Features

What is silicone neon light strip? what features it has?

Yiford’s Neon Flex led light strips are so different. The main surface material is silica gel, which is non-reactive and chemically stable. 

It can withstand low temperatures, and works in environments down to minus 20 degrees. It can also withstand high temperatures and will not burn.

 YIFORD’s soft light strip has great flexibility and durability, making it convenient and easy to create customized luminous shapes.

It is also waterproof, so you can use it in ponds, pools, or anywhere underwater, adding beautiful color and light, without polluting the water.

256 levels of rich color, light and shade, give you up to 16 million color possibilities, that can be designed to change for effect.

This flexible light strand can be used in a wide variety of installations. Whether it’s outdoor building projects, walkways, or water features, or indoor lighting and entertainment spaces,

YIFORD’s silicone waterproof light belts provide extraordinary enjoyment.

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Silicone Neon Light strip review–amazing features