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RGBIC Magic Led Strip Lights Addressable Light Strips

Brand LED lamp beads are used. Longer service life, lower lumen attenuation.

Display RGB mode: static, flash, fade, jump.

Power off memory function.

The static ten level brightness is adjustable.

The light strip supports DIY operation.

The service life is 50.000 hours long.

Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights can be cut.

High quality power supply and controller.

Plug and play, all components are connected and preset, very simple to use.

Music Sound Dance Mode:

Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights Controller with a highly sensitive microphone, the bar light is synchronized with the music and sound. Bring you an extremely dynamic and immersive TV viewing/gaming experience. Colorful lights will change color and flash speed with rhythm and melody, so it is very suitable for party, romantic home theater, Halloween, Christmas holiday decoration.

RGB intelligent LED lamp band adopts high brightness and high quality smd5050, with pure, soft and glare free colors. Light up the colorful home life.

It can be used for decoration and lighting. The surface can be treated with glue dropping, and the dustproof and waterproof can reach IP65 after glue dropping.

It is the best choice for your indoor DIY decorative lighting.

Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights, RGB intelligent light strip belongs to an indoor environment decorative light strip. RGB refers to the three primary colors of red light, green light and blue light. It can be installed at the corners of any object;

Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights With high-quality lamp beads, the color can be changed at will, the mode can be selected at will, and the intensity of light and shade can be adjusted at will;

Addressable RGBIC LED Strip Lights Controller Intelligent mode: remote control, mobile phone APP, Bluetooth, WIFI control.

Addressable led strips 5050 5V

Addressable led strips are the best for setting the mood.
Usually used in bedrooms, hotels, KTV and other places. This one is built-in IC!

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Addressable led strips 5050 5V

Easy to Install

  • 1) Connect each strip light with controller, please ensure the ‘→’ arrow mark (on female connector) to ‘→’ arrow mark (on strip light) are on the SAME line. Connect it with adapter and see if light come out.
  • 2) Make sure the surface is clean and dry, tear tape off strip light and stick it to wall or other surface.
  • 3) Press the strip firmly from the beginning to the end to remove the air from the strip and wall.
  • 4) It also comes with extra fixing clips and 2 rolls of acrylic tape which can help you fix the strip lights more firmly.
  • 5) Turn on your phone Bluetooth before using app. You can scan QR code on the controller or user guide to download its app.


  • 1)When connecting each strip light with controller, please ensure the ‘→’ arrow mark (on female connector) to ‘→’ arrow mark (on strip light) are on the SAME line. If not, strip light will not work until you unplug it, turn it over and replug it.
  • 2)When install these lights, please ensure the surface is clean and dry.
  • 3)When you tear lights off, please be slowly so that it will not damage the surface.


  • 1)Do not toll the light when using.
  • 2)Do not use it near any liquid. Led is not waterproof.

Additional information

Optional models

RGBW-Single Signal Line-30LEDs, RGBW-Single Signal Line-60LEDs, Single Signal Line-30LEDs, Single Signal Line-60LEDs, Single Signal Line-144LEDs, Dual Signal Line – 30LEDs, Dual Signal Line – 60LEDs, Pixel screen-dual signal line-8X8, 5.5mm – Single Signal Line – 60LEDs, 74LEDs, 96LEDs

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