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How To Install Led Strip Lights--Installation Guide Of light strips

This video is about the installation guide of light strips,
and COB light strips are a new type of LED light strips.

How to install led strip lights? Its installation method is the same as that of SMD light strips.
It only takes a few simple steps to install successfully.
Let’s use COB lights strip for demonstration,
you can refer to the following steps to prepare,
install,cut and connect the LED strip.

If you buy the LED strip kit,
the kit will have everything you need to install the strip,
such as connectors, mounts, etc.
If you only have LED strips,
you will also need to prepare these materials in order for the strips to work properly:
LED power supply for converting high voltage electricity into low voltage 12VDC or 24VDC
Generally speaking, the light strip and the power supply are the basic materials, and the C O B light strip can be lighted only by connecting the two together. But if your C O B light strip is color temperature adjustable, you need to prepare a CCT controller, if your C O B light strip is RGB, then you need to prepare an RGB controller, if your C O B light strip is RGB With IC, then you need to configure the magic IC controller.

In addition, the regular packaging of light strips is a 5 meter roll. If you need to cut or use multiple light strips together, you may also need LED light strip connectors.

At the same time, you will also need scissors or pliers to cut the light strip, and a tape measure to measure the length.
You may also need more materials such as
Aluminum channel profiles for fixing light strips
Diffuser cover for concealing or protecting C O B strips
Screws and brackets for install channel profiles

To sum up, these materials are all you may need, and you should choose the right one according to your needs when purchasing.

This product is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, home furnishing, cabinets, exhibition racks, etc., cooperate with aluminum profile can used for main lighting, indirect lighting, dark slot lighting, outline drawing, decorative lighting and other purposes.

Product Link:

RGBW cob led strips
Strip to Wires DIY 20
100w 24
led controller

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How to install led strip lights–installation guide of light strips