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Why LED flexible strip is the best material for DIY?

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What is DIY?

Many people have been bored about the same commodities in the market, and the same commodities could not satisfy their special demands. In such a situation, a new lifestyle appeared: DIY, i.e. “Do It Yourself”.

 People are looking for the best materials for DIY, For now, DIY has been advocated all over the world, which originates from Europe a few years ago. Recently, there is also another explanation for DIY: “Design It Yourself”. To put it simply, every people could design things themselves regardless of gender and age. 

Why DIY is so popular?

The DIY object is unlike other commodities which are made by machines, because it is fairly unique. During the DIY process, people may feel relaxing and comfortable. The aim of DIY also changes from saving costs to inspiring a creative atmosphere. DIY is not difficult for everyone, and the raw materials could even be bought from common stores. The purposes are creativity, beauty, and satisfaction.

Life need

DIY, it exists because people need it.

It is not a secret that the flexible LED strip is very popular in DIY activities. And there is no doubt that its decoration makes the DIY much more amazing, especially at night. Then, what qualities does the flexible strip have exactly to be applied for DIY?

What properties do best material for DIY generally need?

We all know that there are not only flexible strips but also hard ones, and from their names we could figure out that the biggest difference between them is their softness. Flexible ones adopt FPC as the circuit board and SMD LEDs as the light source, thus the strip is very thin, only about 1mm. 

There are various specifications available to meet your specific needs. Meantime, our flexible LED strip could be cut and extended arbitrarily without influencing its performance.

The soft FPC could be curved, folded, and rolled in the three-dimensional space, so our flexible strips are suitable for irregular or narrow places. And as it could be arbitrarily curved and rolled, it could be made into any patterns according to different situation. People should notice that the materials of FPC are important. 

Our Yiford Company adopts standard FPC made of rolled copper but not electrolyte, which may cause false welding and the failure of lamp beads.

Why LED Strips Could meet diy demands

In addition, the four main characteristics of the flexible LED strip make it fairly outstanding during the DIY activities:

LED Strips 4 Charateristics

(1) from the very beginning of this passage, we have realized that the materials for DIY must be easily handled and is safe for every one. Our flexible strip adopts low voltage (12V) and environment friendly materials, which is safe for both children and old people. As a cold light source, it could even be adopted in fish tanks.

(2) DIY is a lifestyle for the whole society, so it should not be very difficult. Our flexible LED strip is of small volume and light weight. With the double faced adhesive tape we could achieve easy installation.

(3) DIY objects are supposed to be unique and amazing, and our various flexible strips will definitely help you with that. Our strip adopts super flexible FPC as the base, and it could be designed into any pattern you like. Meantime, the pure and bright color will provide you with the best lighting effect.

(4) Like other commodities in the market, DIY objects should also be durable and reliable. The high cost performance of our strip will perfectly guarantee this. The power consumption of the flexible LED strip is very low, but the lighting effect is much better than other light sources. At the same time, the extremely long lifespan of LED strips could guarantee the continuous work of your DIY objects.

How to cut and install led strips

The Flexible LED Strip is your Best Choice For DIY. Here We Will Explain The Installation Method For You To Assure Better Application.

Cut tips

You could see there are “cut” marks on our strip per meter, and you could cut the strip along the mark when you need. But you should pay attention that sometimes the marks may be a little deflected. You should cut at the places where there are no connection wires.

Power Supply

The power supply is very important. Our strip adopts 12V, so you should not connect it directly to the mains power, which may damage the strip.

Maximum connection length

Another thing you should notice is the maximum connection length of the flexible LED strip. If the connection length is too long, which exceeds the limit (we will suggest you the appropriate connection length of each kind of strips), the strip may be heated and the lifespan may be greatly shortened.

RGB LED Strips

In addition, the RGB full color strip needs the controller to achieve dynamic effects, and sometimes the amplifier is also needed to control longer strips.


For indoor installation, only the double faced adhesive tape at the back of each flexible LED strip is enough; however, for outdoor installation, the strip may be exposed to sunshine and rain, which may reduce the adhesiveness of the tape gradually and the strip may finally fall down. So we suggest clips and plastilubes to fix the strip. You should better also adopt waterproof glass cement, which could strengthen the waterproof performance of the LED strip as well as the DIY object.

Avoid things

However, customers should avoid three situations, or the performance of products may be influenced: the strip is very sensitive to the static electricity, which may burn it out. Mean time, high temperature and excess moisture are also dangerous for LED strips. During installation, you should bear in mind that the strip could not be squeezed or twisted too much, or you may damage the flexible LED strip and influence its performance.


The flexible LED strip is the best choice for you to meet your specific needs. Our Yiford Company will conduct various tests before the product leaving the factory. We adopt standard packaging methods to ensure that the product will be perfect during the transportation.

We sincerely wish you a best using experience.

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Why LED flexible strip is the best material for DIY?