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24V COB LED strip Lights

COB led strip lights uses advanced LED design to produce strip lights with a seamless, dot-free line of light. 
chip on board technology allows for a higher density of LEDs, 12V cob strips, 24V cob strips. led chip quantity each meter has 210leds, 312leds,320leds, 378leds,384leds, 480leds, 528leds, 608leds, 768leds, 840leds, 1134leds.for a more intense and uniform illumination that reduces heat.  With no need for additional diffusers, 

and a narrow 8mm width, these stripscan fit in applications with low clearance.

what is cob led strips ?

COB is short for Chip On Board, which means that the led chip is directly packaged on the PCB.
The COB light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a flexible board. Chips mostly use flip-chips, which are linearly solid-bonded on the PCB, and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The light emitted by the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacted with the phosphor inside the encapsulating gel. The gel uniformly emits light of different colors and color temperatures.

The COB led strips have a linear light-emitting surface due to their high chip density, while the SMD led strips can see obvious light spots and dark areas. Of course, this dark area and light spot can be solved by adding aluminum profiles and diffusers, just like this.
And COB light strips can become very uniform without adding diffuser. In this way, a lot of material costs and labor costs can be saved.

Types of 24V COB Light Strip

The COB led strip lights is 5meters per reel, pcb board width 5mm/8mm/10mm/12mm. various color temperature products could be choosed, warm white, day white, cool white, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, violet, ice blue, rgb, tunable dimmable white CCT. 
you can choose the various voltage products such as DC12V, 24V, 5V. can work with led controllers to choose different color, use dimmer to adjust the color temperature and brightness. bean angle 180 degree, the cob led strips is cuttable, each types cut length are different. the cut length has show on each products details pages. 
 there are 3 types of Waterproof COB flexible LED Strips, you can choose the IP20 and IP67/IP68, the IP20 is non-waterproof, only can be used indoor, the IP67 waterproof COB Strip Light can be used outdoor. 

Waterproof COB LED Strip lights

IP20 indoor led strips is with double side tape, you can install them easily on the surface of the project you want.
IP67 silicone tube LED COB Strips can be fixed with the clips. you can connect to the Mean Well Dimmable Power Supply to light up and 

adjust the brightness conveniently. 
the CRI (color rendering index) is over 90,  perfect for various indoor and outdoor linear lighting projects, excellent efficiency and color consistency, uniform illumination and comfortable visual experience.

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24V COB LED Strip lights