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Warm White Led Strip Lights--2300K White To Yellow COB led strips

How is it look like for the warm white led strip lights? yellow color cob fcob led light strips effect show, What is warm white cob led strip lights?–2300K white to yellow


LED Type: COB LED Strip Lights
Length: 16.4 ft / 5meter
LED quantity: 320/384/480/528pcs led per metre
Output: DC 12V or 24V
Power: 8W/10W/10W/14W per Metre
Ra: 90+

The splendor and brilliance of yellow has the brilliance of the sun, symbolizing the light of wisdom that illuminates the darkness. Yellow has a golden light, a symbol of wealth and power, and it is the color of pride.

In industrial colors, yellow is often used to warn of danger or remind attention, such as yellow lights on traffic signs, large engineering machines, raincoats for students, rain boots, etc., all use yellow.

Yellow can achieve unlimited expansion of power under the background of black and purple, and the light pink can also conquer the proud prince of yellow like a girl.

The matching of yellow and green is very vigorous and energetic; the matching of yellow and blue is beautiful and fresh; the matching of light yellow and dark yellow is the most elegant.

Pale yellow can match almost all colors, but if you want to be eye-catching, you can’t put it on other light colors, especially white, because it will be you can’t see anything.

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Warm White Led Strip Lights
Warm White Led Strip Lights

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Warm White led strip lights–2300K white to yellow COB LED Strips