Solderless Connector For FOB COB LED Strips How To Use

How to use Solderless connector for FOB COB led strips? This video, you will get know how to use the solderless connector for cob led strips. no need welding, no need tools, and no gap after connected. as it is transparents, you can’t see the connector after joint 2 strips. if you buy cob led strips. this kits is useful for you also.

led strips solderless connector board to board

led strips solderless connector board to board

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solderless connector

  • -Solderless connection
    -Traceless connection
    -Fully transparent, no shading, no change in color temperature
    -Ultra-thin, the overall thickness is 4mm
    -Easy installation
    -Universal over 90% IP20 light strip
    -Board to board connection, board to wire connection
    -Adapt to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm three width PCB
    -Patented product

This set is suitable for the connection of 8 mm COB LED connections, ordinary LED strips, and can satisfy most LED strips connection requirements
Transparent design: the clip LED strip connector adopts a transparent design, which makes the light of the lamp strip more continuous without damaging the LED chip, so it cast shadows on the diffuser or leave any dark areas on the illuminated surface, helping to get a better using experience
Easy to install: no welding and other processes are required, this COB LED kit is simple to use, only need to distinguish the positive and negative poles of the connector, insert the light strip into the connector, and clamp it with pliers to make the metal connecting piece and the light strip conduct, then connection is complete, very simple and quick
Convenient connection: with our clip LED strip connectors, can only extend the connection of the light strip, but also extend the connection between the light strip and the controller and power supply, allowing to easily realize the corner connection
Broad utilization: coming with appropriate thickness, these LED tape light extensions can be applied even in a small space, suitable for Christmas, bedroom, kitchen, cabinet, car, living room, party or wedding, Waiting for occasions, setting off a warm festive atmosphere

Installation diagram

solderless connector

Additional information


6mm, 8mm, 10mm

The latest innovative design, patented products

LED light strip connection solution

Solve the problem of arbitrary connection of soft light bars

Quick solderless connector

No-stripping wire insulation

Transparent shell, better light transmission

solderless connector

RGB LED Strips Connectors

Suitable For SMD RGB LED Strips or COB RGB LED Strip Lights or COB CCT White LED Strips

4PIN, 10mm width LED Strips, Max Current 6A. 4PIN could change to 3PIN for COB CCT White Strips.

RGB LED Strips connectors is with 4 pins, correspond to the 4 lines of the RGB SMD light strip or COB light strip respectively, the positive and negative poles correspond.

The copper thorns of the connecting terminals are inserted into the pads on the light strip,and the connector is like a bridge, connecting the two ends.

Below price is from factory directly. not include tax and freight cost.

Strip To Strip

$ 17
Per 100PCS
  • Type A
RGB LED Strips Connectors
Connctor A
SMD-10mm 4Pins
Join 2 strips together

Strip To wire

$ 17
Per 100PCS
  • Type B
SMD-10mm 4Pins
Connector B
SMD-10mm 4Pins
Join strips to power supply

strip to wire to strip

$ 39
Per 100PCS
  • TYPE C
RGB LED Strips Connectors
Connector C
10mm SMD-4pin
Middle with Wire

strip to wire DIY

$ 59
Per 100PCS
  • Type D
SMD-10mm 4Pins
Connector D
SMD-10mm 4Pins
DIYAny Length Of Wire
DIY Decorating Room With Fairy Attractive Lights

Common to more than 90% of the light strips on the market

Not waterproof, waterproof, Epoxy, single PCB, double PCB…

COB LED Strips,SMD LED Strips…

3mm,5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm…



Type A

Strip To Strip

type B

Strip to Wire

type C

Strip to Wire to Strip

Type D

Strip to Wire DIY

For LED soft light strip, YIFORD solderless crystal joint can help you achieve all the design schemes you want

Linear installation,

U-type installation,

L-type installation


Intermediate connection,

single end connection,

jump connection,

extension wire connection

IMG 970420220913 124645

Easy Install

No need solder, no need tool, no need professionals,everyone could handle.

Factory Direct Delivery

Factory direct shipment, guarantee the latest craftsmanship, the latest materials, the best price

IMG 970920220913 124659


High-quality transparents material, anti-drop, anti-beat, durable,

Environmental Protection Material

Environmentally friendly materials, no harmful substances, recyclable, protect the environment

Wide range of applications

Whether it is home decoration or large-scale architectural lighting, the connector of the light strip is inseparable. YIFORD’s connectors help you save labor, materials, time and costs.

To learn more about LED strips, you can also follow my youtube channel or Facebook!

For COB led strip lights

COB light strip is the latest type of light-emitting light strip. 

It has hundreds of light-emitting chips per meter, with uniform light emission, no light spots, no dark areas, and higher brightness…

For SMD LED Strip Lights

Most of the light strips on the market belong to SMD light strips. 

There are many models, SMD2835, SMD5050, SMD3014….

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Solderless Connector For FOB COB LED Strips, How To Use?