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RGB LED Strip-- Color Changing LED COB Strip Lights

What is RGB LED Strip Lights? how the color changing? what’s effect for the cob rgb led light strips This video will let you know RGB cob led strips effect. it is simple controller with 44key remote controller. very easy to handle.

RGB 24V COB LED Strip Lights

RGB 24V COB LED Strip Lights

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Product presentation

This product is no luminous spot flexible RGB LED light strip, the light all through the chip surface coverage arc fluorescent colloid and substrate surface coating of high reflection refraction ink out, achieve intensive continuous luminous effect. Largest lighting angle up to 180 °, the thickness of only 1.5mm,minimum bending radii 2cm. It is take 3M adhesive on the back.

Product features

【First RGB COB Led Strip Light 】—”Chip On Board” technology is a step forward more efficient energy use. No more SMD, No more dark spot, No more hard time choosing SMD like 2385, 5050, 5630 or others and COB LED rope light will have 210Leds/m on the same PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

【CE Certificated and ETL-Listed High Quality Strip Light】— Our all kinds of strip light have passed the CE Cerficiated and ETL-Listed certified, which ensure safety and reliability for your all lighting projects. The advantage of COB is Uniform illumination soft and comfortable light, No glare,No eye damage,No UV and IR in the beam, better lumen-per-watt, ratios and heat efficiency.

【Perfect Light Performance】— This New Technology Flexible COB LED lights use up to several hundredsHigh Quality and energy efficient LEDs generate perfect light performance, it have different color working together with RF controller. Wonderful color show, it widely use for TV backlight, bar light, kitchen light, bedroom light, party light, etc.

【Cuttable and Easy Install】— With high-quality 3M adhesive with heat resistance, strong viscosity and integration, tape on the back, please keep surface is dry, clean and smooth when installing. You can cut it(please along Markedline to cut) to DIY special residential decoration and design unique commercial sign (Indoor Use Only).


It can be used TV, party, kitchen, room, KTV and medical machine etc.

Good Luminous Consistency High Color Rendering Index Small Size  Low Energy Consumption

Good luminous consistency, luminous like a belt, no dark area, high brightness, high color rendering index, more advantages and wider application.

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New Flexible Lighting

The latest innovative design, patented products

COB LED Strips

COB LED Strips light is the newest technology led strips.

Seamless – absolutely no spotting – a continuous and even light along the whole length.

It’s small size means it can be used in most led channels such as Silicone groover and aluminium profiles whilst it’s Dotless performance means even very low profile profiles perform well.

COB LED Strips
RGB addressable led strip 360 degree RGBIC WS2811

Complete Materials

Any shape can be achieved
540360 4
540360 3

Wide Range Of Applications

Whether it is home decoration or large-scale architectural lighting or object lighting , the dotless cob light strip is valuable. 

YIFORD’s cob led strips help you save labor, materials, time and costs.

5 new and best flexible  led strip lights that designers must know

Widely Use

Top 4 Applications for LED LED Strips

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting in a variety of colors and brightnesses.

LED strip lights can illuminate the home, indoor and outdoor, room lighting,surface lighting, recessed wall lighting, room decoration. TV wall light, photo frame lighting, light pathways, darkest, most winding paths,covers in your home and business, translucid stones, or even indirect lighting for other outdoor areas.

LED strip lights several uses, limited only by the imagination!

led strips application 4

Products and materials with light sensitivity, like spirits, wines, and beers, represent another great way to use LED tapelights. Due to their low intensity and adjustable settings, LED strip lights to extend the shelf-life of light-sensitive products – for companies selling light-sensitive products, this can mean thousands of savings in a year.

led strips application 3

Flexible LED Light Strips offer striking, evocative improvements to commercial and residential settings, including backlighting, task lighting, and spot lighting.

High-lumen flexible LED strips used on Architecure, building, across retail, business offices, and individual homes.

led strips application 1

In businesses and homes, LED light strips can provide superior task lighting, helping staff members get more completed and stay focused. In the home, task lighting in the garage can increase safety.


led strips application 2

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OEM/ODM Manufactures

Lighting Distributors

Project Contractors

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The most complete introduction about COB led strip lights, you must read before buying led strips.
this article will share you about what is COB? What is the internal structure of the COB led strips? What kind of characteristics does it have? What benefits can each feature bring to our life and design?
this article can give you a more comprehensive understanding of the COB led strips, so that you can better use Yiford COB soft light strips to create novel products or meaningful lighting projects

Table of Contents

Before looking for these answers, please take 30 seconds to look at the whole COB light strips and have a basic impression of it.

Review COB LED Strips by video

播放有关的视频 rgbw rgbcw rgbww

There are more than a dozen features listed in this article, some of which may be known to you, and some may not be known to you.
I hope this article can give you a more comprehensive understanding of the COB led strips, so that you can better use Yiford COB soft light strips to create novel products or meaningful lighting projects.

I ever used to DIY COB led strips on some objects in the home and office. It was really great. I recorded them before and after installation and made short videos. You can refer them on Shirley channel on youtube.Click here to review installation effect videos​

This article is about 3,000 words and it takes 10 minutes to read. I have made it into a video with subtitles, which can be watched on the YouTube channel. please click above picture to watch video directly.

COB Means What?

What is COB?

COB is short for Chip On Board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB.
The COB light strip is a light strip that encapsulates the chip on a flexible board. Chips mostly use flip-chips, which are linearly solid-bonded on the PCB, and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the chip. The light emitted by the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacted with the phosphor inside the encapsulating gel. The gel uniformly emits light of different colors and color temperatures.

it is a new type of process technology, based on the SMD led strips with further evolution. In order to facilitate your understanding, I drew a side sectional view.

What is SMD?

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which means: Surface Mounted Devices, which is one of the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components. Surface mount devices have become the current mainstream electronic assembly technology due to their small size, light weight and high power.

Surface mount device packaging is to attach electronic components directly to the substrate, that is, to package and place the chip components on the printed circuit board, and use a reflow furnace to melt the solder alloy interconnected by the electronic system, thereby realizing the interconnection between the chip components and the substrate. Main technique

5050 RGB LED Strips

SMD's features

High assembly density, small size and light weight of electronic products. The volume and weight of SMD components are only about 1/10 of those of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after SMT is used, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~ 80%.

High reliability and strong anti-vibration ability. Solder joint defect rate is low.

Good high frequency characteristics. Electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is reduced.

Easy to automate and improve production efficiency. Reduce costs by 30% to 50%. Save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

what is led strips?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. The light strip refers to the special processing technology of the LED light welded on the copper wire or the strip flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply to emit light.

led strips features

1. Soft and can be curled like a wire;
2. Can be cut and extended;
3. The light bulb and circuit are completely covered in flexible plastic, which has good insulation and waterproof performance and is safe to use;
4. Strong weather resistance;
5, not easy to break, long service life,
6, easy to make graphics, text and other shapes.

Compare to COB LED Strips and SMD LED Strips

1. PCB
2. phosphor encapsulation
3. chip
4. gold wire

1. PCB
2. solder point
3. bracket
4. chip
5. gold wire
6. phosphor encapsulation

We can see that the chip is directly connected to the PCB board. The chip on SMD is connected to the PCB board through the bracket and the solder point. SMD’s frame of the bracket has a certain thickness, while the COB light strip does not have this bracket.
so on the same length PCB board, COB type light strips There are more chips that can be arranged, and the density is higher. One meter can reach 1000 or even 2000 pieces of chips. The brightness and uniformity of those COB led strips far exceed the SMD led strips.

COB LED Strips--Best LED Light Strips 2022

COB light strips vs SMD Light Strips

Let's light it up and see the comparison. The COB led strips have a linear light-emitting surface due to their high chip density, while the SMD led strips can see obvious light spots and dark areas. Of course, this dark area and light spot can be solved by adding aluminum profiles and diffusers, just like this. And COB light strips can become very uniform without adding diffuser. In this way, a lot of material costs and labor costs can be saved.

What are the features of COB soft led light strip?

Feature 1: Uniform light

Dotless LED Strip Lights--No dot no spot COB LED Strips

Good Luminous Effect

No Light Spots, No Dark Areas, Greatly Saving Material And Labor CostsWhen introducing the structure of the COB led strips, you may have realized that the most obvious feature of the COB led strips is that it emits uniformly, without bright areas and dark spots, and has good overall consistency, soft and non-glaring. This is why more and more customers like to buy Yiford COB light strips.

Feature 2: High Color Rendering Index

CRI compare

rich color reproduction

It can make the color reproduction better, the object looks richer in color, and the details are more obvious. If you have higher requirements for the color reduction, and hope that the light can better restore the color of the object itself, let the object looks more realistic and more eye-catching, then you must use Yiford high CRI COB led strips, Because compared to the SMD led strips with a color rendering index of about 80, the COB led strips have a high color rendering index of over 90. What effect can the high color rendering index bring to the illuminated object? Let’s take a look at this comparison chart. Under the illumination of this high color rendering index COB light strips, the illuminated object has richer colors and color gamut. More extensive, more visible parts, more obvious details. Therefore, Yiford COB soft light strips are widely used in instrumentation, monitoring, machine, museums, jewelry, kitchens, fresh food stores, display areas, and so on. Recommend read: What is Color Rendering Index and Why Choose it Important | Understanding CRI: why-choose-high-color-redering-index-what-is-cri

Feature 3: Good flexibility

Feature 7 bendable


strong torsion, good ductility, good effect.This kind of COB light strip is very flexible. Just like this, it is tied into a knot and pulled into a smaller knot. You see, this COB light strip is still good. Of course, my operation demonstration is an extreme test. It is not for you to use it like this. It is just to show you the folding resistance of the Yiford COB light strip. It is indeed very soft and can withstand stronger distortion. In actual use, please use the COB light strip under the instruction manual. great flexibility function allowing you to obtain the shape you need. With the strong adhesive, the cob led strips are easy to install in narrow places. such as modeling, advertising, luminous signs, contours and so on.

Feature 4: Can be cut

cut led light strips

easy cut shorter

Parallel circuit boards, cut as long as you want, which greatly facilitates DIY and small scattered projects, COB light strips are generally packaged in a roll of 5 meters. In actual use, the length of the light strips we need will not be an integer of 5 meters. At this time, the cutting characteristics of COB led strips are very useful. Measurement The required length first. Then find the place where the COB led strips is closest to the required length, cut it along this cutting line and it can be used alone, which greatly facilitates the DIY project.

There are two ways to connect, one is to connect the solder point of the two light strips with an electric soldering iron and welding wire, and the other is to use Yiford solder-free connector.
This crystal connector has a built-in metal pin. Just press the metal pin to the solder On the solder point, the two light strips can be energized and connected. After the connection is made, there is almost no gap in the middle. At the same time, because the crystal connector is transparent, it is almost impossible to see the connector in the middle after lighting up. The effect is supergreat. click here to watch video for how to use the cob led strips connector
For connection methods and accessories indication, please watch Yiford’s video “How to cut and connect COB soft light strips​”. Without any fixture, the light strips can be connected in a few seconds, which is durable and effective.

If you need to quickly connect the COB light strip, you must not miss the YIFORD accessory connector.


Below are the videos for the single color and mutil color led strip lights. you will understand each color’s effect: 

Feature 5: Ultra-thin

Lights For Paintings

easy to hide

The thickness is only 2mm, only to see the light, no light source, not dazzling and more attractiveYou see, the COB light strip is very thin, with a thickness of only 2 mm, which is 1/16 inch. It can be easily installed in a small space and can be easily hidden. Whether it is a large project or a small product, it is inseparable from the assistance of light. Many times we hope to add some light to the object without increasing the size of the object itself, or hope that the light will not be directly seen. For example, if you install COB led strip into furnishings or wall murals, it is very easy to hide it, you can't see the light strips, only the light. Isn't it very easy to use?