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Red LED Strip Lights--mini thinner 5mm width red cob led light strip

5mm red led strip lights effect show, What is red cob led strip lights–mini thinner 5mm width light ribbon

1、Wide beam angle, 180 degree
2、Only 5mm width, it can use in narrow area, easily installation
3、SDCM 5-, restore true color
4、No dark area, perfect light performance
5、High lumen output,
6、Widely used in decoration and accents lighting such as bar, hotel, shops, gardens,etc

Red is a warm, impulsive, and powerful color. It can speed up muscle function and blood circulation. Because red is easy to attract attention, it is also widely used in various media. In addition to having a better visual effect, it is also used to convey the corporate image and meaning of vitality, positivity, enthusiasm, warmth, and progress. In addition, red is also often used as the color of warning, danger, prohibition, fire prevention, etc. When people see the red label on some occasions or objects, they often do not have to read the content carefully, and can understand the meaning of warning danger. Among the safety colors, red is the designated color for warning, danger, prohibition, and fire prevention.

deep red is generally used for eye-catching, such as red flags and a little red in the green bush; light red is generally gentle and tender, such as: new house decoration, children’s clothing, etc.; dark red can generally be used as a foil, and there are relatively deep and warm feel.

Red and light yellow are the best match, big red repels green, orange, and blue (especially the darker blue), and it is a neutral match with cream and gray.

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Red LED Strip Lights
Red LED Strip Lights

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Red LED Strip Lights–mini thinner 5mm width red cob led light strip