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Suspended Mounting

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LED lights have many installation methods, today we will look at hanging installation,uspended LED Profile channels ideal for mounting directly to ceilings. The body shape of our profiles contain special design,  The suspended wire can be freely adjusted to the height that satisfies you the most. 

Suspended mount, generally can also be used for recessed mount, surface mount, Yiford is with variety of installation accessories can be choosed.

Whatever your domestic or commercial lighting project, our easy-to-install suspendable LED profiles offer a stylish look and finish to complement the aesthetic in your task zones, such as kitchens, garages, and workshops. Shop now and begin to imagine the professional look and feel you could achieve. Custom lengths and bulk pricing options are available. 

High fitness of the profile allows for use also for construction purposes (illuminated frames, hangers in cabinets, etc.). In addition, suspended mount led aluminum channel looks modern and professional. It can be combined into long suspended lines and also connected at an angle of 90 degrees

Are you contemplating LED strip lights for your home or commercial property? 

If so, our range of suspendable LED profiles can help you make the most of this energy efficient and stylish lighting solution. Carefully housed in our suspendable LED profiles, our range is available in silver and white, helping you protect your LEDs whilst in keeping with your interior design. With lengths of 2 and 3 meters as well as custom sizing available and bulk pricing on offer, we’re confident we can help you house, protect and make the most of your LEDs. 

LED Alumnium profiles Function: 

Aluminum LED channel is anodized extruded, great in heat dissipation, while the LED diffuser cover protects the LED strip from dust and physical contact, extend the life span of flexible led light strips. The shape and weight of the LED Strip Diffuser channel play a key role in the heat dissipation of the LEDs. All our models are made from fast heat transferring aluminum and pass certain loading tests. 

LED Aluminum Fixture Kits

Channel Kits are designed with you in mind to ensure that your led strip light lives a long, healthy life. By acting as a heat sink and providing a barrier from dust and debris, aluminum channels  can extend the life of your strip light while also making maintenance simple. The channels are sold in meter and can be mounted on practically any flat surface to give your project the finished look it deserves.

LED Strip Diffuser cover:

The added height of the covers is meant to produce a single line of light. Each cover option is available in two different diffusion levels (Clear and Matte), offering full diffusion for most products with the Matte Lens (Please refer the product page details for more information.)

LED Strip Lights inside:

compatible with all of our strips, even our high output LED strip lights, and it is wide enough to fit all of our Solderless Connectors. It fits most light strips such as 3528, 5050, 5630, 2835 or  cob led strip lights.also suitable the RGB or RGBW led strip lights.

5050 RGBW LED Strip 10

Good design with high quality

 This led light channel with milky white cover not only increases lighting visibility, but also creates softer, smoother, desirable lighting effects. It is slim designed, providing a clean, neat and high-end look to your house

suspended mount aluminum channel widely applications:

The suspended aluminum led channel is suitable for all commercial lighting applications including joinery lighting, cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, display case lighting, restaurant & bar lighting, residential strip-lighting etc.

Suspended Mounting​

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Suspended Mounting