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Silicone LED Channel System SV1220H

Silicone LED Channel System SV1220H

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Black Flex silicone LED Channel System Brief introduce:

As the name suggests, the black silicone led channel system is a black silicone sleeve, which belongs to one of the atmosphere scene silicone sleeves in the subdivision field of LED lights. It is mainly used in some special scenes, such as: in the black atmosphere environment, these pure black Or the use scenarios and selling points of black and white neon silicone sleeves are equivalent to hot-selling products.

Black LED neon silicone sleeves are mostly used in entertainment places such as bars and some clear bars. This kind of scene needs to use black + white + natural color of light guide, black extrusion neon silicone sleeve, and neon silicone sleeve when it is not lit The tube needed to be consistent with the surrounding environment, and the traditional two-color neon silicone sleeve comes in white and translucent colors, which conflicts with the black atmosphere of the bar.

There are also some customers with relatively high requirements, which require suppliers to provide light bars that can not only match the atmosphere of bars and clear bars, but also be able to light up the lighting effect. Therefore, there is a two-color LED neon light silicone sleeve. The outermost layer of the casing is light black, and it is black when it is not lit, so it is not easy to be seen easily. However, it is necessary to maintain the advantages of the neon silicone sleeve without light leakage, so the white shading surface cannot be cancelled. In this way, there are three colors. Each color has different functions and differences. Integrating into the atmosphere, white acts as a shading effect, and translucent acts as a light guide.

Neon Flexible Silicone LED Channel System

Yiford Neon Flexible Silicone LED profile is used to a create a Neon lighting effect and indoor or outdoor accent lighting. It holds white or RGB/RGBW/RGBWW/RGBIC flexible LED strips range 3mm to 30mm wide . Top View LED Neon Flexible Silicone LED Profile is made from high-quality Silicone.

It has topview, sideview, with fringe, black, round, half cover, all in one types. 

Yiford Flex Silicone LED Profile is a great option for a NEON lighting effect. It can be used indoor or outdoor as accent lighting. It works great with Yiford LED Strips including White, Red, Green, Blue, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, RGBIC, and many more options available.

LED neon strip light silicone sleeve Application:

1. Polygonal walls and water droplets line the ceiling in hotels/nightclubs/KTV and other places to decorate and enhance the atmosphere;
2. Buildings, advertising walls, signboards, festivals and other decorative fields have a beautiful/brightening effect on the city;
3. Home decoration lighting (stairs, door frames, bar counters, wine cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, DIY home decoration…);
4. Car beauty (body, bottom…);
5. Delineate the contours of iconic buildings, pavilions, bridges, parks, etc., and embellish the lighting effect.
6. Lighting signals (such as various luminous indicators)
7. Edge-Lighting transparent or diffuse material
8. Support underwater lighting projects
9. The edge of canopy and bridge arch/amusement park/theatre/aircraft cockpit lighting

Silicone LED Channel System Features:

1. The LED neon strip silicone sleeve is suitable for 3mm~30mm flexible circuit board;
2. Soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink and no deformation;
3. Wear resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no cracking, cold and high-temperature resistance;
4. Anti-aging, with higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;
5. Light transmittance ≥70%, no yellowing, no blooming, no whitening, no fading when placed at room temperature,
6. After lighting, there is no spot, no brittleness, no cracking.

Black led channel system Silicone Tube Video:

LED Channel System Silicone LED Tube Light Strips Applications:

black LED Channel System Catalogue:

LED light bar silicone sleeve, made of 100% pure silicone material, the product has high transparency, strong sealing performance, waterproof, good temperature resistance (-40-200 degrees), good softness, can be bent arbitrarily, oil resistance, Ozone resistance, voltage resistance, aging resistance, good stability and other characteristics.
Part NumberSection Size
Lighting DirectionPCB Width
PictureSize DrawingRefer Apply
YF-TVD13round dia 13round5
YF-TVD20round dia 20round10
YF-TVD22Hround dia 20roundDouble side 8Silicone LED Channel System TVD22H
YF-TVD40round dia 40roundDouble side 10
YF-SV06126*12Sideview8silicone led tube
YF-SV0612H6*12Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0612H
YF-SV0616H26*12Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H2
YF-SV0616H36*16Sideview8Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3
YF-SV1023H10*23Sideview10Silicone LED Channel System SV1023H
YF-SV1220H10*20Sideview10Silicone LED Channel System SV1220H
YF-SVD22round dia 22SideviewDouble side 5
YF-SVD22Bround dia 22SideviewDouble side 8
YF-TV1010U10*10Topview5Silicone LED Channel System TV1010U
YF-TV1212H12*12Topview8Silicone LED Channel System TV1212H
YF-TV1305H13*5Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1305H
YF-TV152515*25Topview10LED Neon sign ideas
YF-TV1616H16*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616H
YF-TV1616H316*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616H3
YF-TV1616U16*16Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV1616U
YF-TV2010U20*10Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2010U
YF-TV2018U20*18Topview10Silicone LED Channel System TV2018U
YF-TV2020H20*20Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020H
YF-TV2020U20*20Topview10/12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020U
YF-TV2020U320*20Topview12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020U3
YF-TV3020U30*20Topview15Silicone LED Channel System TV3020U
YF-TV3020U230*20Topview15Silicone LED Channel System TV3020U2
YF-TV4015U40*15Topview15/20Silicone LED Channel System TV4015U
YF-TV402540*25TopviewTopview 20/sideview 8
YF-TV5015U50*15Topview15/20Silicone LED Channel System TV4015U
YF-TVV22V corner 22*22V corner5TVV22
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Silicone LED Channel System SV1220H