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Car mood light RGB music light


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Car mood light RGB music light


Car Mood Light RGB Music Light

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Preliminary understanding of 10 kinds of light -- dotless cob led strip lights

Each light has its own unique frequency and energy. It has different effects on people’s body, mind and spirit.

1. The White light: 

six inches above the head. It has the function of purification and protection. Its frequency represents the consciousness of Christ spirit and pure white light. It washes like a detergent and removes dullness and turbidity.

It is a protector. In any case, white light has powerful power, which can accelerate the purification process of the body. It can increase the frequency of the body and help us release any negative thoughts and feelings. Start and use it every day, and you will be familiar with its beautiful energy.

2. The golden light

 The golden light is on the top wheel. Related planets are Saturn and the Sun. It symbolizes peace, joy and harmony. It is the energy of creativity and motivation. This energy often surrounds the head and shoulders. Its energy center is overhead.
The golden light is a sun that never sets in the west, radiating golden light. When meditating on it, you can use it to transform your thoughts at any time – to turn a negative attitude into a positive one.

3. The blue light

The blue light is the frequency of awareness, truth and intelligence that inspire human nature. At the same time, there is a cool element. It can have a burning side like dry ice, just like a flame. But it can burn and remove the fear deep in the body and brain.
It can free itself from false images. Bring the underlying anxiety and fear to the surface of consciousness. It has something to do with Uranus. Uranus rules the path of spiritual progress in the Age of Aquarius.

4. The emerald light

 The light of emerald is the light of creation. Related planets are Mercury and the Sun. It is located at the throat wheel. It is the energy that inspires our creative essence. Bring the beautiful nature and provide us with everything we need. And help us enhance our communication skills, inspire and create inspiration, and specifically achieve your goals.

The color of the emerald light will make you more creative and communicate in a better way. It makes you feel joyful and joyful. It will transform your perception of the surrounding environment, financial situation, and interpersonal relationships. He brings another sense of achievement, that sense of contentment.

5. The purple light

The purple light is between the throat chakra and the heart chakra. The related planet is Jupiter. Purple light is the color that was brought to the earth for the first time when Jesus Christ was born.

It represents the light of will for the best. It can enhance the frequency of all levels of the body, adjust and transform the sick thoughts, and enable you to stimulate more powerful forces. The purple light lets you enter the light of awakening. It is a very strong and powerful frequency, which is related to the respiratory system.

6. The ruby light

The light of ruby is in the heart wheel. The related planet is Mercury. Located in the center wheel.

The bright ruby light has the ability of healing and communication. Its treatment is mainly aimed at the body and emotions. Its frequency is also called the doctor’s left hand, which is a very warm energy.

It gives you a burning feeling. It heals the broken place – whether it is the body or the emotional body or the rational body. When starting the ruby light, drink a lot of water. You may also need more rest.

The effect of ruby light is like destroying negative thoughts. It seems to be a melting furnace in which these negative thoughts are melted. Its therapeutic function for bones and muscles can repair broken bones, rheumatism, circulatory system, regulate the heart and purify blood.

Especially in the repair of organs and cell tissues, it can also enter the nervous system, digestive system and respiratory system. It is also related to the heart wheel. Therefore, for psychological problems, such as interpersonal relationships and psychological desire, it has a soothing effect.

7. The orange light

Orange light in our solar plexus. The related planet is Neptune. It is related to nervous system and sensitivity. His powerful energy will make you feel anxious or nervous inside. Sometimes it can make you lose your sense of balance.

The frequency of orange light is related to feeling. It connects this part of the solar plexus. It affects the digestive and excretory system. It is the energy that can rejuvenate.

The orange light allows your body and feelings to enter the awakening of light and experience more intimate and deeper awareness. Open up potential abilities related to the nature of channeling. It can also eliminate negative habits and bring balance and integration between body and emotional body.

8. The Pink light

Pink light is the perfect light. It is located in the upper abdomen and above the navel. The related planet is Venus. It stands for divine love. It is the light of divine love and perfection. It is the light that Jesus brought to the earth. Its energy brings vitality and brings you back from the dead. Out of the gloom and darkness.

Pink time can help you rebuild a more orderly living environment, create a good career foundation, and establish perfect interpersonal relationships. It is a joyful energy that makes you feel that all levels in essence are balanced. It is a blessing and an achievement. They adjust the chaotic consciousness and eliminate the self centered habit. Imagine the energy of the pink light shining on the lower system, and pray for the guiding spirit and the healing spirit to heal and integrate for you.

It can clear lower frequencies in cell tissues, muscle tissues and organ tissues. It can bring harmony and balance. Its energy is related to Venus. So Libra and Taurus people, in their soul frequency, this energy occupies a dominant position.

9. The violet light

The light of violet is the light of the brave. It’s in the lower abdomen, below the belly button. It is a very practical energy. It is the adjustment and cure of the body, emotional body and rational body. Use specific amethyst light to grasp the situation and avoid unnecessary wars.

It can bring the contradiction complex deeply rooted in the subconscious to the surface. When the contradiction complex always appears like lightning, you will feel anxious and frustrated unconsciously. The light of amethyst is very healing in this respect. He heals your anxiety and tension caused by war and contradiction stored in cellular tissue. It can help you deal with interpersonal conflicts and remove obstacles.

On the body level, it is particularly helpful for the respiratory tract, lungs, throat, and thoracic bronchi. At the same time, it can remove inflammation, filtering virus, cold, chronic rhinitis and headache.

10. The green light

The light of mint green restores the light of youth. It’s in the middle of the pelvis. The related row is the earth.


The energy of the mint green light is related to the earth itself and the plant world. It can help all living things on the earth. This energy is related to metabolism and reproductive system. It is Jesus Christ who brought it to the earth, which is related to the theme of resurrection. At the same time, it represents the regeneration of new consciousness and the overcoming of old and stale ideas.


The light of mint green is a mixture of light green and gold. It is related to spring. Its elements have the fragrance of mint. Like a beautiful spring morning. This light energy brings you joy and happiness, allowing you to experience that kind of internal enthusiasm and balance without worry.

The light of mint green is a very important color, which can create new ideas, new selves and new experiences. It can enhance the power of change.

How to use the light in meditation?

You can summon the corresponding light in meditation, let the light surround the whole body first, rotate counterclockwise (purify the magnetic field and the body), and then rotate clockwise (strengthen and stabilize the magnetic field).

When you feel the light has surrounded you. This specific light can be brought to the relative position of the body, or the position that intuition thinks it should go to.

In this light, quiet meditation. Maybe there is information, maybe there is video and sound. Maybe not.

Customer Review

Erik Trevino
Erik Trevino
Engineer Manager
Read More
In the past, a lot of materials were wasted when installing the light strip, because welding after shearing is a very troublesome thing. Since the connector of YIFORD is used, materials are no longer wasted, and installation time and labor costs are saved. Thank YIFORD for its good products, which are very useful.
Peter Dickerson
Peter Dickerson
Read More
I cannot fully express how awesome these lights are! we bought the 24v cob led strips with led channel system, it works as  expected, quite bright, Good color rendering, suface is with nice coating, that it diffuses the light a bit.Our engineers love it so much! Good value! They are really bright worked out, Great for my project Is what you pay what you get here Excellent product.
Bill Hiskett
Bill Hiskett
Purchase Manager
Read More
We are a Romania professional led lighting distributor, the company has 12 years of operating history. Our many clients are using led strip light in the kitchen cabinet, cars, living room, stairs, office, etc. And many of them need led light accessories. It is very happy to find Yiford, they give us developed very professional service and quality products. If you need led light strips wholesale from China,Yiford is one of the best led light manufacturers in China.
Jason Moeller
Jason Moeller
Building Designer
Read More
We make many projects for shopping malls, business showrooms in Europe. Sometimes the project needs many customization products. such as cob led strip lights and led aluminum profile. need different sizes, different wattage, different led accessories. Yiford is a professional led manufacturer. They pay patience to my orders.No matter for heatsink aluminum, led aluminum extrusion products, diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting accessories for led linear light. They can do it well.
Dylan Bowles
Dylan Bowles
Manufacture Designer
Read More
We are making led room light in the UK. Through 5 years of cooperation, we know Yiford is a reliable led room light manufacturer in China. They can offer the same bin same color led strip lights in all your orders. Yiford has super nice led strips, it is called COB led strip lights, different with the SMD led strips, it is more bright, with consistent lighting, better lighting effective, with Yiford solderless connectors, so easy to install into our products, Good quality control let us in front of customers won more honor. Thank you!
Michael Feron
Michael Feron
Lighting Distributor
Read More
I buy flexible cob led strip light and led channel systems from Yiford so many times. We have many cool led strip light ideas from Yiford. It is well done according to my request. Sometimes, one project needs many led light accessories, such as led connector, led controller, led power supply, silicone led channel system, led aluminum profile. Special design, OEM label, all work great. We consider Yiford as a good led light supplier.
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Car mood light RGB music light