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App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller

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App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller


App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Features:

1. Long distance APP remote control via Blutooth;
2. App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wires LED driver IC ;
3. Support setting pixel number and segment number, support up to 960 pixels;
4. With 18 kinds of LED strip music effects, 30 kinds of LED matrix music effects
and 180 kinds of non-music effects;
5. DC5V~24V wide range working voltage, reverse power supply input protection;
6. User setting saving;

App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Download and install the APP:

Both IOS version and Android OS version are available. (hardware should support Bluetooth)
•Requires IOS version 10.0 or later;
•Requires Android OS version 4.4 or later;
•Search “LED Chord” in App Store or Google Play or scan this QR code to download and install the APP:

App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Instructions

APP Operatings:

1.Make sure you have turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
2.Open the APP, drag to refresh the device list, select device name “SP107E” to connect the controller, once connected you will able to rename your
3.Select RGB order and IC type;
4.Adjust pixel number;
5.Press ENTER.

Audio Input:

There are two ways to input the audio signal on SP107E, AUX IN and Build-IN microphone;
•AUX IN: Plug the supplied audio split cable into the “AUX IN” jack, connect the audio output source(MP3,Phone or tablet…)and the speaker(or
headset), controller will automatically switch into AUX input mode;
•MIC: Disconnect the audio cable, controller will automatically switch into microphone input mode.

App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Specifications:

Working temperature : -20℃~60℃;
Working Voltage : DC5V~24V;
Working Current : 18mA~45mA;
Remote distance : 20 Meters;
Product size : 85mm*45mm*22mm;
Product weight : 40g ;
Certificates : CE, RoHS;

App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller Wire Connection:

connection SP107E

LED Controller List

No.ModelDescriptionImageVoltageAPPMusicRemoteButtonDAT/CLK/PWMOutputIC TypeMaxium Pixel
1SP002EMicro Simple 3 Buttons LED ControllerSP002E 2DC5V-24VNonNonNon3DATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
2SP103E14key Mini-RF RemoteSPE103E 2DC5V/DC12VNonNon14key RFNonDATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC2048
3SP104E17key Mini-RF RemoteSPE104EDC5V-24VNonNon17key RFNonDATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC2048
4SP105EBT App Controlled Pixel LED ControllerSP105EDC5V-24VAPP1NonNonNonCLK DATA GND1 Set TTLOne/Two Wire IC2048
5SP106ERF Remote Music LED ControllerSPE106EDC5V-12VNonOnboard Mic14key RFNonDATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
6SP107EBT App Controlled Music Pixel LED ControllerSPE107EDC5V-24VAPP2Onboard Mic/AUXNonNonCLK DATA GND1 Set TTLOne/Two Wire IC960
7SP108EWiFi App Controlled Pixel LED ControllerSPE108EDC5V-24VAPP2NonNon1CLK DATA GND1 Set TTLOne/Two Wire IC2048
8SP110EBT App Controlled Pixel LED ControllerSPE110EDC5V-24VAPP4NonNonNonCLK DATA GND1 Set TTLOne/Two Wire IC1024
9SP201EDMX512 DecoderSPE201EDC5V-24VNonNonNon3CLK DATA GND + 5*PWM1 Set TTL
+ 5*PWM
One/Two Wire IC
10SP511EIoT WiFi App Controlled Pixel LED ControllerSPE511EDC5V-24VAPP6Onboard Mic38key IF3DATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC900
11SP513EIoT WiFi App Controlled RGB LED ControllerSP513EDC5V-24VAPP6Onboard Mic38key IF3RGB3*PWMPWM/
12SP514EIoT WiFi App Controlled RGBW LED ControllerSP513EDC5V-24VAPP6Onboard Mic38key IF3RGBW4*PWMPWM/
13SP601EBT App Controlled 2 Output Music Pixel LED ControllerSPE601EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard Mic16key RF32*DATA GND2 Set TTLOne Wire IC600*2
14SP602EBT App Controlled 4 Output Music Pixel LED ControllerSPE602EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard Mic/AUX16key RF34*DATA GND4 Set TTLOne Wire IC600*4
15SP608EBT App Controlled 8 Output Music Pixel LED ControllerSPE608EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard Mic/AUX16key RFNon8*DATA GND8 Set TTLOne Wire IC600*8
16SP611EBT App Controlled Music Pixel LED ControllerSP611EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard&Phone Mic
38key IF3DATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
17SP613EBT App Controlled Music RGB LED ControllerSP613EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard&Phone Mic
18SP614EBT App Controlled Music RGBW LED ControllerSP613EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard&Phone Mic
19SP616EBT App&AmbiBox Controlled Music Pixel LED ControllerSP616EDC5VAPP5Onboard&Phone Mic
Non3DATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
20SP617EBT App&AmbiBox Controlled Music Pixel RGBW LED ControllerSP617EDC5V-24VAPP5Onboard&Phone Mic
38key IF3DATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
21SP621EMini BT App Controlled Pixel LED ControllerSP621EDC5V-24VAPP5Phone Mic
NonNonDATA GND1 Set TTLOne Wire IC600
22SP623EMini BT App Controlled Music RGB LED ControllerSP623EDC5V-24VAPP5Phone Mic
23SP624EMini BT App Controlled Music RGBW LED ControllerSP623EDC5V-24VAPP5Phone Mic
24SP801EWiFi ArtNet LED ControllerSP801EDC5V-24VAPP5NonNon1CLK DATA GND4 Set TTLOne Wire IC1024*4
25SP901ETTL Signal AmplifierSPE901EDC5V-24VNonNonNonNonCLK DATA GND4 Set TTLDepends on inputDepends on input

Customer Review

Erik Trevino
Erik Trevino
Engineer Manager
Read More
In the past, a lot of materials were wasted when installing the light strip, because welding after shearing is a very troublesome thing. Since the connector of YIFORD is used, materials are no longer wasted, and installation time and labor costs are saved. Thank YIFORD for its good products, which are very useful.
Peter Dickerson
Peter Dickerson
Read More
I cannot fully express how awesome these lights are! we bought the 24v cob led strips with led channel system, it works as  expected, quite bright, Good color rendering, suface is with nice coating, that it diffuses the light a bit.Our engineers love it so much! Good value! They are really bright worked out, Great for my project Is what you pay what you get here Excellent product.
Bill Hiskett
Bill Hiskett
Purchase Manager
Read More
We are a Romania professional led lighting distributor, the company has 12 years of operating history. Our many clients are using led strip light in the kitchen cabinet, cars, living room, stairs, office, etc. And many of them need led light accessories. It is very happy to find Yiford, they give us developed very professional service and quality products. If you need led light strips wholesale from China,Yiford is one of the best led light manufacturers in China.
Jason Moeller
Jason Moeller
Building Designer
Read More
We make many projects for shopping malls, business showrooms in Europe. Sometimes the project needs many customization products. such as cob led strip lights and led aluminum profile. need different sizes, different wattage, different led accessories. Yiford is a professional led manufacturer. They pay patience to my orders.No matter for heatsink aluminum, led aluminum extrusion products, diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting accessories for led linear light. They can do it well.
Dylan Bowles
Dylan Bowles
Manufacture Designer
Read More
We are making led room light in the UK. Through 5 years of cooperation, we know Yiford is a reliable led room light manufacturer in China. They can offer the same bin same color led strip lights in all your orders. Yiford has super nice led strips, it is called COB led strip lights, different with the SMD led strips, it is more bright, with consistent lighting, better lighting effective, with Yiford solderless connectors, so easy to install into our products, Good quality control let us in front of customers won more honor. Thank you!
Michael Feron
Michael Feron
Lighting Distributor
Read More
I buy flexible cob led strip light and led channel systems from Yiford so many times. We have many cool led strip light ideas from Yiford. It is well done according to my request. Sometimes, one project needs many led light accessories, such as led connector, led controller, led power supply, silicone led channel system, led aluminum profile. Special design, OEM label, all work great. We consider Yiford as a good led light supplier.
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App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller