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App Controlled Music Pixel LED Controller

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1. Long distance APP remote control via Blutooth;
2. Support almost every kind of one-wire or two-wires LED driver IC ;
3. Support setting pixel number and segment number, support up to 960 pixels;
4. With 18 kinds of LED strip music effects, 30 kinds of LED matrix music effects
and 180 kinds of non-music effects;
5. DC5V~24V wide range working voltage, reverse power supply input protection;
6. User setting saving;

Download and install the APP:

Both IOS version and Android OS version are available. (hardware should support Bluetooth)
•Requires IOS version 10.0 or later;
•Requires Android OS version 4.4 or later;
•Search “LED Chord” in App Store or Google Play or scan this QR code to download and install the APP:


APP Operatings:

1.Make sure you have turn on Bluetooth on your phone;
2.Open the APP, drag to refresh the device list, select device name “SP107E” to connect the controller, once connected you will able to rename your
3.Select RGB order and IC type;
4.Adjust pixel number;
5.Press ENTER.

Audio Input:

There are two ways to input the audio signal on SP107E, AUX IN and Build-IN microphone;
•AUX IN: Plug the supplied audio split cable into the “AUX IN” jack, connect the audio output source(MP3,Phone or tablet…)and the speaker(or
headset), controller will automatically switch into AUX input mode;
•MIC: Disconnect the audio cable, controller will automatically switch into microphone input mode.


Working temperature : -20℃~60℃;
Working Voltage : DC5V~24V;
Working Current : 18mA~45mA;
Remote distance : 20 Meters;
Product size : 85mm*45mm*22mm;
Product weight : 40g ;
Certificates : CE, RoHS;

Wire Connection:

Connection Sp107E
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