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what is led power supply?

Switching power supplies convert AC 110V or 220V line voltage to a low DC constant voltage output; matching the input voltage specifications of LED drivers. The style and form factor of these power supplies can range from a wall-wart type, to a desktop style power supply (normally seen powering laptop computers); also available are enclosed or caged style supplies and hard-wire supplies that can fit in junction boxes and be connected directly with household AC wiring. 

How To Choose LED Power Supply?

LED power supply is the one of the most important parts for LED lighting project. It is also called LED transformer or LED driver. We supply all kinds of 12V and 24V LED power supplies. In this article we also help you choose and buy the right LED power supply for your LED strip lights and other LED lights. These LED power supplies come with the best quality, high PFC and high efficiency. Some are waterproof or class 2 category.

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