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Multi-Color Change COB LED strip lights can be divided by color into single color and multi-color led strips. 

Multi Color change COB LED Strip Range

Multi color change led strips includes:

  1. RGB cob led strip
  2. RGB pixel IC cob strip lights
  3. tunable dimmable white cob led strip lights. 
RGB LED Strip-- Color changing LED COB strip lights

RGB COB LED Strip lights

 RGB strips refer to the fact that each piece of LED lights on the strip consists of red, green, and blue chips that can give off red, green, or blue lights on their own, or glow whatever color you want when 2 or 3 chips combine.Compared to the 5050 RGB LED Strip lights, Yiford RGB COB Color Changing LED Strip lights has no dark spots,which provides smoother and brighter linear lighting.RGB strips show the same color at each moment and can’t accomplish effects like water-running or horse-racing.  When the three colors of red/green/blue are lit together, the led tape lights becomes white color.With 20+ colors,Yiford RGB COB Led strip lights enables you to change colors /brightness /mode/ speed, which is idea for creating your great led mood lighting in the bedroom/living room/kitchen/home office

programmable led strip

RGB IC COB LED Strip lights

RGB pixel led IC addressble cob strip lights place IC chips to beads of the RGB type, where each IC chip matches a pixel point. the color or brightness of each pixel point can be adjustable, it can achieve rich animation effects like horse-running, watercourse, the tail of a shooting star, scanning, etc. Addressable led strips With unique built-in IC chip, the digital led strips cob lights is able to display multi colors at one time like a rainbow. Instantly transform your projects dreamful effect with hundreds of brilliant light show. Avaliable 16 million colors, the RGB strip lights offer you vivid lighting ambience; Multiple scenes optional on application meet your various needs anywhere; Enjoy the fun of dyeing colors by scenes with led color changing lights.

color change cct led strip lights

CCT Tunable White COB LED Strips

Tunable white led strip lights Designed with warm white LEDs and cold white LEDs into one print circult board; Adjustable Color Temperature, Can operation warm white part and cold white part independently. Adjust your white light to any color between warm white 3000K, natural light 4000K and cool white 6000K.Lighting technology enables you to control color temperature of a light source. use controller or APP, tunable white led strips could adjust color temperature from 3000K to 6000K, adjust brightness level from 0 to 100.With this technology into our specification grade LED strip lighting products. Using alternating LED chips of different color temperatures, you are able to use a remote to blend the LEDs and easily control the strip light’s output. The tunable white spectrum supports your sleep/wake cycle and creates the perfect scene for winding down or waking up. 

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