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how to use cob led strip lights– best way

Recently, a new type of flexible light strip product has emerged in the market–cob led strip lights

cob led strip lights

COB led strip lights

Compared with ordinary light strips, the most intuitive advantage of COB LED light strips is that the light spot has no graininess. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of bending resistance, good heat dissipation, low pressure drop and ultra-thinness.

COB light strips are used in light troughs to solve the visual discomfort in visible light spots or dark areas.

However, the light strip is not only used as a light trough, how to make beautiful finished products with such new products, do you know?

This article will share with you how to apply COB light strips in the form of case diagrams, hoping to bring new inspiration to led lighting manufacturers.


Speaker A: COB light strips are so hot, what do you think?

Speaker B: COB light strips have actually been out for several years, and it was only last year that the market promotion was hot. If the price drops, the future application will be very wide

Speaker A: How to use it?

Speaker B: Linear lighting is so popular, COB strips are a perfect match.

Let’s take a look at how these linear lights are used in space?

Whether it is an office, a commercial store, or a leisure space, the shape of the line lights can bring visual extra points to the space when providing lighting.

And how is such a lighting design created?

In fact, it is very simple. The main body is made of silicone 360° soft light hose, and the double-sided COB light strip is attached inside.

Of course, the application of COB light strips is far more than these

Hundreds of silicone sleeve materials from YIFORD company allow you to have unlimited design solutions and can be easily realized. See if these can bring you inspiration?

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how to use cob led strip lights– best way