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Is it necessary to design lighting for the TV background wall?

Answer: Yes.

The living room space is the area for the family's daily activities and entertaining guests. Therefore, in most people's home decoration, more energy is often spent on the living room. The TV wall in the living room is the most important wall in the decoration of the living room. After all, most people's family habits are sitting in the living room chatting and drinking tea while watching TV.

The TV background wall is responsible for the facade of the home and affects the overall appearance and beauty. A well-designed TV wall will lose life without lighting. When designing a TV background wall, remember not to ignore this small detail of lighting design.

At this time, some people may not help but think that the TV wall in my house is not exquisite and expensive stone, just a simple background wall, without too cumbersome and complicated design, and there are basically no people moving on the TV background wall. , It doesn't matter if it's dark. Moreover, poor lighting design will affect the living experience, so it is better not to design! The lighting design is completely unnecessary.

You are so wrong to think this way. Next, I will tell you about : Why does the TV wall lighting need to be designed? How to design the TV wall lighting?

  1. Why design the TV wall lighting?

The lack of lighting on the TV background wall is for the icing on the cake, mainly for the following two reasons:

① The lighting of the TV wall is closely related to people's vision

Do you know what the real meaning of the TV background wall lighting is? You might say that it is decoration and beautification of the space, it has this additional meaning, but it is not the most important. Its real meaning is to relieve visual fatigue and protect our eyes when watching movies.

Why do you say that? In a dark environment, the pupils of the eyes will be enlarged to absorb more light to improve the recognition of objects in the dark, so that in the dark the light of the TV will become very dazzling, easy to damage the eyes and cause visual fatigue; especially the TV is Direct strobe and fast flashing light sources are very harmful to the eyes.

Lighting design pays attention to "ambient light". Set the background light source on the background wall of the TV to increase the recognition of the space in the dark, reduce the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment, weaken the contrast, and make the screen more soft and pleasing

△ The ambient light around the TV screen helps to ease the vision and avoid the screen from hurting the eyes

② TV wall lighting-ambient light in the living room

Lighting can be called "atmosphere creation master", and the "ambience light" among the three major types of home lighting is very suitable for application in the TV background wall. It is precisely because the TV background wall is not an area with frequent activities, the demand for brightness is not high, and the "lingering collision" of light and wall layout, material, and color can effectively improve the beauty and comfort of the space, and add a romantic and warmth to home life Scenery.

  1. The TV wall lighting has failed to do so!

The saddest thing about the TV background wall is not that there is no light, but that there are too many lights. Let's look at some classic design flaws:

▼ The spotlight is too close to the wall, and the local spot of the wall-washing light is too bright, which is not only very dazzling, but also the light looks completely lacking in texture.

▼ Ink marble, vitrified tiles, jade tiles, or painted custom cabinets and other bright surface TV walls, the surface is very easy to reflect light, prone to light pollution.

The unreasonable lighting design not only fails to show the beauty of the material itself, but also causes visual interference, making the background wall look messy and destroying the original beauty of the decorative background.

▼ The spotlights on the TV background wall are arranged too densely and the brightness of the light source is too high, causing the entire background wall to glow white, visually uncomfortable, and bright without layered beauty.

▼ The TV wall downlight did not choose the right light source, and the lamp shade of the downlight was too shallow, or the anti-glare design was not made, resulting in serious glare and uncomfortable direct exposure to human eyes.

  1. How to design the TV wall lighting?

① The lighting design of the TV background wall should be based on the overall space art, wall materials and color matching to select the type of light source, lighting model and light distribution method. The TV wall lighting design is mainly to create a unique light and shadow effect, so it does not require high brightness of the lighting, and the light should not directly hit the TV, audio and human faces.

② The light source of the TV background wall is best expressed as a diffuse reflection form, which can not only emphasize the characteristics of the background, but also avoid the interference of direct light sources on the TV and cause unnecessary glare.

  1. When the three-dimensional sense of the background wall is weak, you can use the method of cleaning the wall to arrange the lights, such as installing a light trough to clean the wall, it can present a subtle three-dimensional feeling;
  2. When the background wall has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, the lighting can be arranged by washing the wall, such as washing the wall with a wall washer, reducing the length of the shadow and reflecting a strong sense of unevenness.

PS: When using the wall washer to arrange the lights, pay attention to the angle of the light to avoid direct light shining on the TV screen and audio-visual equipment, which will cause light pollution such as light curtain effect and reflected glare, which will affect the best spatial visual effect.

③ You can choose other decorative lighting to embellish the TV background wall. If the background wall of the home is made of bricks or stones or has a fireplace, you can set some downlights and spotlights on the ceiling for accent lighting. Produce some arc lighting effects, in addition to attracting people's attention, it can also provide general lighting functio

PS: When using downlights on the TV wall, pay attention to the selection of the beam angle of the lamps and the appropriateness of the distance from the wall.

having said so much

What kind of lighting design is a good TV wall lighting?

Of course seeing is believing

Here, I will give you some

Design gameplay case

How to play 1. TV background wall lighting, the first recommend led light strip

What does the LED flexible light strip look like?

Click here watch video

Let’s take a look at this 15-second short video before it is installed on the wall. This is the latest type of soft light strip, with no light spots and no dark areas. It has high brightness and can be used directly as the main lighting, or it can be hidden in the wall. , Diffuse reflection after refraction, for decoration.

As you can see in the video, this light strips emits very uniformly, and it can form a linear light source without aluminum profiles and diffusers. Compared with the point light source of the SMD soft light strips, Yiford cob led strip lights is more beautiful.

This led strips standard packaging is a roll of 5 meters. The video shows 5 meters, one reel weight is very light, less than 100g, You can also cut it to the length you want. After cutting, it can be connected again. Using the welding-free connector​ joint which offered by YIFORD, the light strip can be connected again in one second, and no gaps can be seen after lighting, and it is firm and strong. If you want to know how to cut and connect the light bar, please refer to YIFORD's blog "how to cut connect power cob led strips"​or watch youtube video

Click here read

When it comes to the TV background wall lighting, the first choice is the light strip. The light source is hidden and not exposed, and the light is not dazzling or bright. The light strip glows uniformly and softly, with a full sense of atmosphere. In addition, the linear lighting is very high and has a strong sense of texture, which is especially suitable for modern and simple styles.

▲ The TV background wall lighting, the first to be the light strip.

▲ The combination of the light strip and the wood grain brings a warm and comfortable enveloping feeling.

▲ The COB LED strip is matched with stone, highlighting the natural and primitive wild luxury.

▲ The light strip and the soft bag are combined to create a silky and quiet light atmosphere.

In addition to being embedded in the ceiling of the TV background wall, the light strip also has a variety of design and play methods.

▲ The combination of light strips and storage partitions or custom cabinets adds fashionable value to the space.