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LED aluminum profile for Corner mounting V-Shape (angled)

LED Aluminum Channel is perfect shield for led strip lights: 

Not only do aluminum channel systems dissipate the heat produced by LEDs, but the cover protects the LEDs from exposure to dust, hair and physical contact.

LED strip diffuser channel Function: 

The track is a sturdy V-shaped anodized extruded aluminum channel for better heat dissipation; Milky white pc diffuser works well to help spread the light more evenly from the LED strip lights; metal mounting brackets are heat-resisting,no deformation and hold the led channels firmly so you never worry about them falling off.

LED Light channel Features & Benefit: 

This led strip light channel can accommodate LED strips/tape/ribbon that are 8-10.5 millimeters wide.Metal mounting clips provides easy and secure installation.Frosted Light diffuser slightly diffuses the light to create softer,smoother,desirable lighting effect.It not only protects the strip lights from dust and other undesirable elements,but also works as a metal heat sink that helps to spread the heat generated by the working light.

Aluminum channel Easy Installation:

 Simply stick the LED strip light’s adhesive backing inside the channel, snap on the diffuser cover, and mount the channel whenever desired.
The led aluminum channels and plastic covers can be cut easily by a regular hack saw so you can cut them into whatever length desired to fit the place.The cover simply snaps in place for ease of installation and disassembling.You can also mount this light-weighted product by double sided adhesive tape.

LED Strip Channel Multiple Application:

This led extrusions create a secure and aesthetically fixture and fit different applications such as backlighting, under cabinet lighting,edge lighting, shelving, cabinets, furniture compartments, glass elements, walls, exhibitor stands, grooves, stair railways, stair steps, ceilings, etc. Perfect for 3528,5050,2835,5630 led strip lights mounting.
led strip diffuser channel ideal for under cupboards or cabinets.  Whether you’re hoping to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen with under cabinet lights or to illuminate those gloomy corners of your home. Corner LED aluminum profiles will do a great favor for you.

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