How ight Reflect In Space ?

All architectural spaces need to be filled with light sources. Only through light sources can the essence of architecture be reflected, so as to meet human needs for space video and architecture. For architects, light plays an important role in architectural space. here we will get know how light reflect in space

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Light Reflect In Space

space and light

Mention space and light Everyone will think of the Church of Light the first time The sky shines through the cross gap on the wall to resemble a miracle Light brings shocking power to the entire space

Light In Space 6

color with felling and psychological effects

For example, in the winter in high latitudes, due to the lack of sunlight and the gloomy weather, many people often feel empty and frustrated due to seasonal imbalance; For another example, light with different color temperatures, like paints of different colors, also gives people different feelings and different psychological effects. Visible light psychology can be regarded as an important research object in the field of psychology.

Interior Lighting Design 15
Light In Space 33

Light in life

Create a visual sense of various poses It takes many different forms Subtle influence on our emotions For example, the light and shade of the space, color, atmosphere, etc. Stimulate our perception of the world Indirectly affects our emotions

light Reflect in space for Human Psychology

Light induces vision and leads to the generation of another linguistic nature. Through a deep understanding of light quality, we find that light makes people feel hesitation, excitement, enthusiasm, calmness, etc., in order to respond to the characteristics of each space and place. In many living spaces, light uses its characteristics such as diffusion, reflection, penetration, brightness, contrast, and color to illustrate the impact of light on human psychological perception.

Light In Space 31


Light In Space 29


Light In Space 26


Light In Space 30


Light In Space 28


Light In Space 27


Designing space is designing light, especially in today’s reinforced concrete jungle, light is even more important to space, giving people ideals and hopes, and the aesthetics in natural spaces make everything agile.
The residence is the most important space for people’s lives. Not only does it need natural light, artificial lighting is also very important. A building without light is like a black box. Lighting can create cultural and artistic indoor spaces to meet the requirements of visual aesthetics and living comfort.

Which types led lighting is best for the space?

YIFORD COB LED Strip lights

If You Want To Make The Light Uniform, The Brightness Is Soft And Not Dazzling, You Should Choose The COB Light Strip From YIFORD.

Cob Led Light Strips And Smd Light Strips

compare cOB and SMD LED strips

Compared with traditional SMD soft light strips, COB light strips have no graininess, the density of the lamp beads can almost emit light in a line, and the color consistency is high. It can replace some high-density light strips on the market. COB not only saves costs, but also Solve the problems of graininess, chromatic aberration and easy soldering. YIFORD's COB soft light strip can disperse the heat of the chip, improve the light efficiency and improve the glare effect of LED lights.

the video of the COB light strip

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After Understanding The Impact Of Light On People, We Need To Think About:
In Lighting Design, What Can Light Reflect In Space? Then Consider

how to illuminate the health scientifically and reasonably?

Light is used to reflect: key points Light and point

Light In Space 24

Light Reflect In Space

In lighting design, if you want to have an effect, the lighting must not be tiled, it must be layered and focused. How to illuminate, first consider what is the key point in the space? The key areas need to be illuminated, and the non-key areas have light.

Light In Space 25

Living room lighting design

For a living room, the sofa is the key point, and the specially designed TV background wall is the key point. For an office, the front desk is the focal point, the image logo wall is the focal point, and the corporate honor display wall can be the focal point. In general, what you want to express and want to be paid attention to in the design can be the focal point, and accent lighting is required. To attract attention or focus. The TV background wall is equipped with wall-washing atmosphere lighting to highlight the texture of the material. At the same time, the combination of spotlights and floor lamps above the sofa is also lit.

Lighting Application 6

tV background wall lighting

If you want to see how the light strips is applied to the TV background wall or wall lighting, please read this article, here is a detailed explanation of common lighting design errors, how to design more reasonable, choose which color to choose more beautiful, etc., and share a lot For real design cases, please view on blog.

Light is used to reflect: function light and function

Function can be understood as a useful place. For example, the function (function) of a desk is writing, working, or reading. These specific functions often have more requirements for lighting, so lighting is needed in functional areas, and lighting is needed in places with functions such as cabinets, showcases, bar counters, and consoles for display functions.

Color temperature for space

different color temperatures makes different space

Sometimes in the same area, the time is different, the mood is different, and we need different lights in order to set off different atmospheres.
For example, in a coffee shop, during the day when customers talk about business in a coffee shop, they need a quiet, cool, and transparent feeling. It is more suitable to use about 5000K. The pure white ones are more suitable. In the evening, customers talk about love in the cafe. It is warm and soft, dark and unclear, and the feeling of privacy is mysterious. It is more suitable to use the warm white of about 3000K. The dimmable and color-adjustable white light soft light stirp is very easy to use at this time.

On the same light linear, there are whites with different color temperatures, 3000K 4000K 5000K, use the remote control to select the color temperature you like, and you can also adjust the brightness of the light. Is it very convenient?

color temperature adjustable soft light strips

Light is used to reflect: material light and materials

Nowadays, materials are becoming more and more abundant. In addition to textures, there are also many textures and three-dimensional textures. Only under the close illumination of specific lights, the texture and texture of the materials can be presented. Therefore, lighting can also be used to reflect texture.

the CRI effect the environment

Speaking of material, you must hope that the color seen by the naked eye is consistent with the actual one, and the display degree of the color is related to the height of the color rendering index. The light with high color rendering index is very true to the color performance; the light with low color rendering index will cause color distortion and severely aggravate visual fatigue.

Cri Compare

comparison of the color rendering index of different colors

The color rendering index of YIFORD COB soft light strips​ is higher than 90, which can better restore the color of the object itself, and more details can be seen, and the color is richer. If your scene has high requirements for color reproduction, be sure to choose YIFORD COB soft light strip with high color rendering index.

How Light Reflect In Space

Light is used to reflect: space light and space

I don’t know if you have noticed that when the space is relatively small and narrow, putting on a light strip will give the space a sense of extension, which will enlarge the space invisibly. Use the picture below to get a feel for it. Cover the light strip on the top with your hand, feel the width of the aisle, and then let go to feel the width of the aisle. Have you noticed that it has widened?

​This is the embodiment of the light to widen the space. The same technique is often used in a smaller space. Beaming light along the corner of the wall will also increase the width of the entire space.

Light can also build space. The difference between light and dark naturally forms the psychological hint of the division of different spaces between indoor and outdoor, and the subtle changes in strength and weakness of light create a sense of hierarchy in the space.

Light is used to reflect: color light and color

Light In Space 13

light environment emotional awareness

The English romantic poet John Keats once complained: "Newton shattered all the beautiful verses about rainbows by restoring the rainbow to its original white color." But people are still obsessed with the impact and unique charm that color brings to people. Artificial light sources with good color rendering can truly present the colorful colors of the environment, people and objects like natural light; lights with poor color rendering can easily cause color variation and lose the charm of environmental colors. Colored lights give the light environment emotional awareness, making some colors very bright, but also distorting some colors.

Light is used to embody: elements light and element

The elements here refer to interior decoration, artwork, and hanging paintings. These objects that add the finishing touch to the space have a high appreciation value. Therefore, they should focus on lighting and get more attention. The design of the exhibition hall will also be used. This technique.

Yiford LED Strip Lights Review

yiford led strip colors

Feature 10 Colorful

variety of colors

YIFORD’s COB light strips come in a variety of colors. you will easy to find the most suitable colors for your projects.

Led Lighting For Room

how to make room colorful

If you like to make the room colorful, such as white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, etc., you can install YIFORD's RGB soft light strips behind the TV or on the ceiling. The effect is as follows:

Tips: What kind of lights are used to make these lights?

Art, hanging paintings, sculptures and other key places can use soft light belts to highlight the artistic outline, and use spotlights and track spotlights to hit the main light to bring out the effect of the gallery.

For large-surface decoration, you can use soft light strips or wall washers to create a uniform and soft effect, which can reflect the wall decoration while also widening the space.

The ceiling light highlights the material of the wall, and also allows the light to appear in other positions except the ceiling, with richer levels.

Anchor lights, focusing on the ground lighting, use soft light strips to remind when there is a height difference, so it is often used on the side of the stairs.

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