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Why choose low voltage light strips?

LED light strips are divided into high-voltage light strips and low voltage light strips according to voltage. why choose low voltage light strips?

The voltage of the high-voltage LED lamp is: 220v, which is the usual household voltage. Also called AC light strip.

Low-voltage LED strip voltages are: 12V and 24V, in addition to 3V, 36V and other low-voltage designs, also called DC strips.

The high-voltage LED light strips work with a voltage of 220v, which is a dangerous voltage and is suitable for places that cannot be touched by the human body. The installation of high-voltage light strips is a little simpler than that of low-voltage light strips. It can be directly driven by a high-voltage driver and connected to a household power supply.

Generally, a high-voltage LED light strip can carry 30-50 meters with a power supply. During use, because With high voltage, it generates much more heat per unit length than low-voltage LED strips, which directly affects the life of high-voltage strips. Generally speaking, the service life of high-voltage strips is about 10,000 hours.

The low-voltage LED strip is a safe voltage when working with DC voltage. Human body contact is harmless and can be used in a variety of occasions.

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Why choose low voltage light strips?
Why choose low voltage light strips?
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Why choose low voltage light strips?