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waterproof power supply

waterproof power supply

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All aluminum housing

Full power

Power Supply 1

safety protection

Overvoltage protection
Overload protection
Overcurrent protection
Short circuit protection
Power Supply 2

Fine design Craftsmanship

Power Supply 3

All aluminum profile shell

Selected materials Quality Assurance

Power Supply 4

Full Power

24-hour full load aging test

Power Supply 5

Full aluminum-magnesium Alloy shell

Selected aluminum, anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Power Supply 6

Pure copper core power cord

Low heat, low loss, safe and reliable

Power Supply 7

Built-in protection chip

Overvoltage Overload Overcurrent Short Circuit Protection

Power Supply 8

IP67 waterproof

Waterproof, dustproof short-term soaking

Power Supply 9

Input and output wires

Low power single rent output

High power dual output

Power Supply 10 1

AC input

Power Supply 10 2

DC output

Power Supply 10 3

AC input

Power Supply 10 4

DC output


Power Application 1
Surveillance cameras
Power Application 2
LED Light strip
Power Supply 1
Power Application 4
LED light box
Power Application 3
Luminous words
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