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When it comes to making the most out of your crop, we know there are a lot of options out there. That’s why at Yiford we have set out to define a new standard when it comes to quality and reliability, in order to provide you with the most modern grow lighting solutions.
We always put quality first. products count with ETL/FCC/CE/ROHS safety certifications, and are rigorously tested by our quality inspection team. With over a decade of experience in led light research and development, we offer a comprehensive catalogue of products which are designed to satisfy the needs of all kinds of growers, from home enthusiasts to professional businesses. No matter what your ambitions are, we have got a solution tailored just for you.
We take our passion for delivering unique products seriously. Our engineering team strives every day to include the latest, cutting edge technology in our products, making them as efficient and sustainable as possible, in order to take care of our planet.
We also know that convenience matters, that’s why we offer fast worldwide shipping for our clients, paired with a professional and kind after sales support.

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