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DC Jack Adapter Plug

DC Jack Adapter Plug for solderless

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  1. 5.5 * 2.1mm DC male lock screw DC head
  2. Use temperature: -50 ℃ -68 ℃
  3. Joint metal: arc extinguishing stainless steel zinc alloy, the outer surface of nickel (non-iron head)
  4.  Green sticks marked + + positive and negative.
  5. Joint plastic: put the sun / anti-oxidation PVC plastic
  6.  Maximum transmission current: 20A (1V-38V)
  7. Transmission voltage: 1V ~ 38V
  8. Transmission power: 300W
  9. Product specifications: product core thick, can withstand 12V-36V voltage, the skin with plastic and other materials, soft body, the use of high-fidelity design, transmission power effect is good; color: green and black

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