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3528 LED Strip Lights

The 3528 LED Strip Lights are one of the longest looking strips on the market.

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  • 1, SMD LED lights use copper base and the led chip is gold wire which provide good heat dispersion, long life span and low Luminous Decay.
  • 2, CRI>80Ra, avaliable CRI>95
  • 3, flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.
  • 4, We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.
  • 5, We have Everfine integrating sphere to test the color temperature of incoming SMD LEDs and put it in our QC records for every batch.
  • 6,We can controll the color temperature very well . Our strip is small tolerance of the CCT within +- 100k.
  • 7, We can produce 3 MacAdam LED Strip as customer request.
  • 8. The SMD3528 led strips has 30leds/m,60leds/m,120leds/m,240leds/m,480leds/m per meter.

3528 Led Strip Lights 4

Model NoYF-LR3528XN60-12/24YF-LR3528XN120-12/24YF-LR3528XN240-24YF-LR3528XN240-24
(double line)
SMD TypeEpistar 3528Epistar 3528Epistar 3528Epistar 3528
Input voltageDC24V/DC12VDC24V/DC12VDC24VDC24V
LED Q’ty60LEDs/m120LEDs/m240LEDs/m240LEDs/m
Max current / LED20mA20mA20mA20mA
SMD LED spacing16.6mm8.3mm4.2mm8.4mm
Lumen / m(Max)420-480LM840-960LM1680-1920LM1680-1920LM
Minim cuttable length100mm (3LEDs 12V)
50mm (6LEDs 24V)
50mm (3LEDs 12V)
25mm (6LEDs 24V)
25mm (6LEDs 24V)50mm (6LEDs 24V)
PCB Width8mm8mm10mm15mm
Energy gradeAAAA
Working hour30000h30000h30000h30000h
Illumination Angle120°120°120°120°
Working temperture.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃.-20℃~+45℃

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