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17key Mini-RF Remote

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1. RF Remote control,long distance,mini size,wire connection is simple and very easy to use;
2. Support almost every kind of one-wire LED-DRIVER-IC ;
3. With 200 kinds of patterns,which are vivid and beautiful;
4. Each controller can control up to 2048 pixels;
5. With user setting saving functionality;
6. Brightness adjustable.
7.Preventing reverse connection of power supply.

Remote Controller

Functions Of Each Button:

On OffAutoSpeed UpSpeed DownMode UpMode DownBrightness UpBrightness DownMatchSettingRedGreenBlueWhiteYellowCyanPurple


TestingContinuously pressing the AUTO button 5 times until LED is off, release the AUTO button to into the mode of switch ing in
red,green,blue,yellow,purple,cyan and white,witch can test the your LED.
MatchingContinuously pressing the MATCH button 5 times until LED flash in white quickly to match the Remote control with the
receiving controller.Pressing the MATCH button for 5 times till LED flash in white slowly to un-match;
Reorder RGBDiffer from kinds of LED, The R G B keys may don’t perfectly match to your LED,Reorder them if needed. Continuously pressing the
SETTING button 5 times until LED flash in white once and then turn into all white,Pressing the R button until LED is red, Pressing the G
button until LED is green, pressing the B button till LED is blue, then press the SETTING button once to confirm your setting;
Adjust Num of pixelsThe factory default setting of the number of controlled pixel is 600. Continuously pressing the SETTING button 5 times until
LED flash once and turn all white, pressing MODE+ to add pixels ,pressing MODE- to decrease pixels,(each pressing add or decrease
60 pixels) then press the SETTING button to confirm your setting;Can be regulated to up to 2048 pixels,The minimum number is
300 pixels.

Receiving Controller:

● The receiver controller working voltage :5V—24V-supply-voltage;
● Cautions: Please make sure the power supply voltage is match to your controller before you power it.

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